The 100 Mid-Season Reflections: Season 2

As you may have gathered by now, I am working my way through The 100. This show is a complicated grappling with human morality and ethics, wrapped under the guise of a cute cast and a seemingly familiar premise. Humans had to leave Earth, live in space, because of radiation. Years later, they can return after they send in a 100 of their criminals to test life on the “ground.”

Everything has Changed

I just cannot get over how much people changed this season! Clarke and Bellamy hugged when they saw each other. I’m with Octavia: no one could have seen this coming.

With the arrival of the “adults” on the ground, we are now seeing how one would traditionally approach the conflicts from the first season. The Grounders are mad, especially because someone killed them off (I’m not looking at you, Clarke and Finn, or anything like that).

Speaking of which: FINN! What happened to good ol’ sweet Finn? Through him, the concept of loss and trauma take on a new depiction. I like the parallels between him and Lincoln so far.

The strain between him and the rest of the surviving group is so, so palpable. I am so curious to see how it will unfold, how the show will unpack that guilt. Also: will Finn recover from his actions early in this season?

Jaha vs. Abby vs. Kane

Ah, the Chancellor position continues to be very confusing. It’s riveting to watch this position of power and leadership held by different people. In doing so, we get to see various takes on what truly matters for the people of the sky, and the methods they choose to go about it.

Mount Weather

Ultimately these folks are the catalyst for the conflict thus far. The way they are divisive even when they seem to be peace-keepers. I am trying not to completely be like Monty, but my suspicions were prickly from the very moment we are introduced to Mount Weather.

The question is: how will the conflict be resolved? And, what happens to these people’s survival? It’s like the constant natural selection process is unfolding even with people lying and deceiving just so they can survive.

My hope is that Jasper and the gang are able to hold their own rescue mission. This is mainly because I love Jasper and I want to see him try to grasp his own sense of agency and control. But, if it doesn’t happen, I’d understand that it’s hard to do this for someone with so much turmoil (I mean, for me, I can relate to that struggle).

Your Turn:

Have you watched any episodes of The 100? Who are your favorite characters? Any theories on what will happen next? Watch out for spoilers (not for me. I like spoilers. But, other people might not appreciate them).

See you in the comments

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1 thought on “The 100 Mid-Season Reflections: Season 2”

  1. This is hard because I want to like, shout all the things, but I will try to keep it spoiler-free 😉 I am on Season 2 right now also- I mean, for like the millionth time, but still 😀 Mount Weather… they’re their own worst enemy, which you’ll see even more- actually, I know on Twitter that you did because you quoted that Jasper line, so you know they’re hell bent on destroying themselves. If you were Dr Tsing… wouldn’t you have probably given yourself the injection first? Stupid. They spend so much time thinking they’re superior to the Grounders, superior to The 100, that they make dumb decisions that will bite them in the ass.

    The power struggle of S2 is awesome- S3 also has a pretty epic one. In S2 though, it’s not even just among the three adult leaders- it’s between them and the kids, too. I love it. So complex!

    Ah, Finn. Everyone I talk to hates Finn, but I find him to be a complex sort of fellow. Honestly, no one on the show is all good or all evil, so for Finn to be called either is wrong. He’s just… human, and I think that is what is so awesome about where his character goes this season. Find me when you watch Spacewalker and need someone to talk to 🙂

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