People to Thank

When I got sick, it felt like a death sentence to all contact with humans, a comfort and consistent torture. But, I met Bronwyn through her blog about horror things. Incidentally, I am easily frightened, yet we connected and she has never batted an eye at the weirdness of me switching blogs, usernames, accounts. She supported me. Oh, and she introduced to my Megassaur.

Beautiful Meg, you are a powerhouse of hope and sarcasm and humor. I will never get over how quick you were to welcome me in your life, despite my oddness.

Then, I met my sunshine of a friend: Inge, you are an inspiration to all and I will never forget writing you that message on Goodreads. You give me bravery. To me, you’ll always be a shining star, and I am just humbled that you befriended little old me.

I was so scared and lonely, and you introduced me to the gems of my life now: Ely, Michelle (ma belle, Mich!), Jolien, Bee, Annemieke, Shannon, Cee Arr, Angel, and Vlora. As well as the little ones Topaz and Lara Liz

Ely, you teach me to accept my disability. Your bravery, the rawness of your honesty is a breath of fresh air, even if I sometimes just pace around the room for nights trying to think of a response equally as eloquent. Because of you, I feel like I have some sort of use for this world.

Ma Belle (Mich), I know things feel so horrid right now, and you need your space. All I can do is keep you in my prayers, in my heart, and on my mind. Sending you love and hope. You and I have a lot in common. My poetess, you are incredible and I can only pray that we can talk some more.

Jolie, you are the cutest peep. Because of you, I am becoming obsessed with Brandon Sanderson and Scott Lynch, anything fantasy and I think of you right away. My early riser, you are a sun summoner; may the world twirl around you, bring you the happiness you deserve.

Bee, we don’t talk much because I am genuinely intimidated by your cleverness. Books creator, clever and social, you surely will be on the bestsellers lists one day. I can only hope to be part of your journey to share your brilliance.

Annemieke, you are such a busy bee, and I want to get to know you better, mama! You show warmth and kindness so unabashedly, consistently raising my expectations of myself. Thank you for existing. Keep on rocking.

Shannon, don’t ever say you’re old. I think I’m older than you, so watch it. I’ll never look at the Hunger Games and not think of you. We need to tweet more at each other, because you always make me smile.

Cee: you are mysterious to me, and I need to build up the courage to talk to you–genuinely enjoy your blogs about sexual fluidity. You helped me come to terms with my asexuality and being aromantic and I am forever grateful for your openness.

Angel: you’re the prettiest and the most adorable girl ever. I wish we can get to know each other better, but you’re adored a lot by myself and Ely and Mich.

Vlora, I can’t wait to get to know you some more. You are so kind to me, even when I am deleting tweets left and right with manic nervousness. Thank you.

Finally: the little ones, you write beautifully and I wish younger me had your courage. Topaz, dream-like, and poetic, prodigious and inspiring, I hope you gain more recognition for your creativity. Lara Liz (Or as I call you, Little Lara Bar. Shh. It’s a vegan bar. Very delicious), your enthusiasm for life is the contagious and I am so psyched for your future and what it holds.

In passing, some people who don’t know me: Cait the Cake Queen and Aly, I enjoy your blogs and tweets. My heart is full of love for you. Thank you for the humor coupled with the mental exercise.


Summary of Post: This post is a discussion of Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave and its reflection on humanity's
I'm writing this post after procrastinating a long time. However, it was brewing for a
While I did enjoy The Final Empire novel, Brandon Sanderson completely blew me away with the sequel, The

Anl.: Gatsby, Poldark, Who is the Man?

When watching Poldark, most people feel passionate about Ross and his story, but I am starting to wonder if it an echoing of the Great Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald. Maybe that is something we are meant to examine, this connection between Great Gatsby and Poldark.

Ross Poldark

Essentially, Ross’ story is a response to the idea of the self-made man. To him, nobility is not a given, depending on wealth. It is that of breeding, which reminds me greatly of Tom Buchanan. However, it plays out differently for Ross.

The story is about the common man and champions ethics over riches. For Ross, it is about finding ways to be his authentic self without being controlled by money.

Often, he sells most of his possessions. He takes risks financially to provide for his family and tenants, not to gain social status.

Francis Poldark

Quite opposite to his cousin, Francis discovers that family outweighs social status, which would make Gatsby completely baffled. He tries to shake off his father’s pressing comments on his worth as a Poldark in comparison to Ross.

In fact, Francis redeems himself by getting to know the common man (servants and farmers), by being compassionate towards them, by respecting Demelza (who happens to be the token of a woman rising to ranks by love and marriage).


George Warleggan

George is considered the villain in this story, but I am not sure about this anymore. Think of how he is the modern American hero: self made, from rags to riches, and he is trying to attain a girl. Elizabeth Poldark represents aristocracy at its finest. And, he needs her badly.

It’s the assumption that once he has her, he will be noble. He will be worthy. He will be respected. After all, she is well educated, socially appropriate, and, quite frankly, all the dudes want her.

But why?

The Daisy of It All

Elizabeth is pretty much the green light that George reaches out for. She is unattainable (for now) because she’s married, she’s rich, she plays fair. Like Gatsby, George tries to please her with his money. He practically tortures Francis to have her ask for his help.

Very much in the same vein is his relationship with Ross. Ross, the noble who became a champion for the poor, and George, the leech who feeds on them, are at odds.

George tries to control him, to make his friend, to make sure he can contain this personified fire that is Ross. In a way, George, the grandson of a miner, is fighting his own past, trying to squash it, make peace with it, and most importantly, destroy it.

Sure, there is the obvious connection between him and Demelza, who tells him that she, too, is a lady, even though she is a miner’s daughter. He hates her for pointing out their background, for not being ashamed of who she was, a scullery maid.

This is where their difference lies. He is a banker and she was a scullery maid. In his eyes, he has fought to change his circumstances and he deserves to be rewarded with the best shiny things: connections, control, and, of course, the Daisy of it all–Elizabeth.


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Your Turn:

Do you see any connections between your favorite shows and classics you have read? Share in the comments!


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      I finished watching season 1 of The Good Place on Netflix. Here are some
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Collab.: Disability Diaries Announcement

The Announcement:

I am joining forces with the coolest kids on the Internet: Ely at Tea and Titles, Angel at Angel Reads, Cee Arr at Diary of a Reading Addict, Lara Liz over at Another Teen Reader, and Jolene at The Fictional Reader. We will be working on a project called the Disability Diaries. The Disability Diaries will be about disability, obviously, and it will take different forms of posts.


The blog posts will be varied takes on disability. Some TBR, some personal posts, and book reviews. While I want to give you more details, you’ll have to wait and see who is doing what. But, know this: it’ll be disability centered and it is going to be fantastic.


We’ll be posting mid January (January 14-21).

Sign ups are right here.

Mark your calendars, we’re prepping for awesome things.



Favorite Shows

Shows are a rare thing in my life, because I always worry about committing to a routine where I have to watch steadily. However, over time, I have stumbled on some great shows. Balancing between PG-PG 13 type of ratings, I found some of my favorite shows ever, and I am going to be sharing them in this post.

Burn Notice

A spy loses his job mid-mission, and goes on a quest to hunt down whoever “burned” him. Fun, action-packed, and fascinating tricks all around. Fiona, Michael, Sam, and Jesse are one hell of a team.



Jeff Winger enters community college as a lawyer whose license is revoked after he is discovered to be a fraud. While there, he meets six incredible people who become his friends and community. Hilarity and incredible emotion ensure for six seasons (and a movie? Hopefully).

The Musketeers

Another show ultimately about love and friendship, patriotism, and feminism (surprise!). Constance, Milady, and Queen Anne are wonderfully portrayed here, and they are incredibly strong figures, who have complicated paths towards a happy ending. The Musketeers are great fighters, kind and compassionate men. Watch out for the Cardinal, aka the Doctor.


This show initiated my fascination and compassion towards Guinevere and Morgana in the original stories of King Arthur.  It’s not faithful to the stories at all, but it’s fun. Warning: the plot gets a lot heavier as the show progresses. Do not expect happy endings.


I forgot about this show! Oh no. It’s one of my favorites for sure. It has all my babies: Ross, Demelza, Verity! Man loses all he holds dear: a love, a father, a fortune, and he must find a way to find hope and have a positive impact on his society. Such incredible characters and complicated relationships. Check it out.



Pushing Daisies

Hands down the sweetest show I have ever seen. Boy touches dead things and can bring them to life, but cannot touch them again. Then, he becomes a detective and a Pie Maker (TM). Childhood sweetheart dies. He revives her. Love, but no touch, lots of raising the dead and asking them question.

Robin Hood

Not accurate at all, but it’s good fun. Rich soldier returns home from the war only to lose his property. Attitude problems all around as he forms a band of mischief maker in the woods. The show tries to take itself seriously at times, which makes it even more hilarious and fun. It’s not so fun by the last season as the writers seem to hate or not understand their characters at all.



Who is honestly surprised by the inclusion of this show? I was never a fan of Sherlock Holmes until I saw this show. Injured soldier returns home, while suffering with PTSD, and meets a detective with a mind-bending intellect. They move in together and start solving crimes, while Watson blogs about them. Fun, clever, and sweet.



A discussion of my favorite and most surprising friendships on Grey's Anatomy. Prepare for some
      I finished watching season 1 of The Good Place on Netflix. Here are some
Over the past week, I have inched my way through the second season of The