The Spotify Playlist Project: The 100, Season 2

Welcome to another round of the Spotify Playlist Project here. This time, I’ll be focusing on The 100, season 2. It is a season of brutal conflict between many different societies of humans. There is sacrifice, loss, love. I hope you enjoy my choices. Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

The 100 (What’s Left of Them) Is Back!

Opening Tracks: “Numb/Encore” by Linkin Park and Jay Z comes to mind. “Look what you made me do,” reminds me of Finn. The numbness definitely is also present in Clarke as well as she unveils the reality of Mount Weather. Oh, yes, I also included “Animal I Have Become” by Three Day Grace and”Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, because someone goes into a violent outburst.

Octavia and Indra: “In For the Kill” (Skrillex Remix) by La Roux, and “Raise Your Weapon,” by deadmau5. Accurate choice is accurate! Octavia has to make some serious choices in this season, and she takes a route that is unconventional. She has a lot of fight scenes that I absolutely loved. *Hint: Dina really likes Octavia, okay?

Mount Weather (Wither) 

General Theme: “Illuminated” by Hurts. A double entendre is at play here. On the one hand, the population of Mount Weather see themselves as rather illuminated. The other interpretation is the awakening the 47 experience through Clarke’s disappearance.

Clarke and Lexa:

“Human” by Rag’n Bone Man is kind of my theme song for Clarke (and sometimes Bellamy, too). I included this song in season 1’s playlist, and it continues to be deeply connected to Clarke’s character this time around as well. There is a lot of tension surrounding her as a leader.

“What If” by Safety Suit marks the conflict between these two awesome ladies. The things they want are very different. Particularly that surprise towards the end of the season.


I used a kind of different font just to signify how much I love this guy. He’s separate from many people. Admittedly, I also feel bad for him, because his luck is awful. 

Oh, “Hunger” by Ross Copperman also works on many levels. First, it’s about his relationship with the Mount Weather people. Then, to me, he will always have a connection with Octavia. And, obviously, there’s the longing to belong while maintaining peace between the Grounders and the Sky People.

The 47

“Battle Scars” by Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian is becoming the anthem of this group of peeps. In particular, Clarke, Jasper, and Monty. I have a feeling they’ll continue to be related to that song in later seasons.

Cruel joke: “How to Save a Life” by the Fray is very much about Jasper and his relationship with Dante Wallace. Oh yeah, I went there: to the relationship between the 47 and Mountain Men.

Being blunt (another joke): “Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons.

I’m sorry. (Not, I am really not).


“Jealous” by Labrinth and “I Need My Girl” by The National are the beginnings of what I felt for Finn along the way to the big thing that happens. “Stay” by Rhianna coupled with “Strange Birds” by Birdy are related to said thing. 

“Thanks, Princess.”



I am sadly sometimes falling into a ship no one seems to have: Murphy AND BELLAMY!! (I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that). The writers will drag out the Bellarke path, I can just tell.

So, anyway, “idfc” by Blackbear is totally him. And, a little “Die Trying” by Michl with him and Jaha.

Bellamy (and Clarke?):

“I’ll Find You” By Lecrae and Tori Kelly and “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron are perfect fits for Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship in this season (and toward the 47 for sure).

Finally, for the whole season: “Strange Birds” by Birdy. 



Hi. This is my first Spotify Playlist Project entry of 2018! As a series, this collection
Given that my review of The 100 season 3 went up a few days ago,
  After finishing Turtles All the Way Down, I immediately began to work on my newest Spotify

About Me: Hogwarts House Pride and (re)Discovery

Hello! So, today is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthday. To me, these two were key figures in my life. I’d started to find pieces of myself along my path to mental health. So. In more recent years, I started to see what that equates to in the Harry Potter world’s Hogwarts.

A Little History

Growing up, I had a lot of unresolved and undiscovered mental and emotional issues. Back then, there was a lot of confusion on my part regarding why I acted the way I did. In no way am I saying that I was a good kid. I wasn’t.

Because of this, when I was introduced to Hogwarts, my immediate connection was with the “bad” kids. I felt like that Slytherin offered a place where my confusion would be welcome. This is kind of a funny thing in retrospect, because JK Rowling never actually shows decent Slytherin people.

Like…there’s a hint of badness in them all, no matter how hard she tries to “redeem” them. (I can write a whole paper on Snape and his cruelty toward children, how needless it was, how it relied on nothing but oversimplification of people). Draco was also two-dimensional (woefully so).

Still. I felt like my mental issues pushed me to be mean and defensive. Therefore, I must be with the “bad” kids, right?

Bad Reputation

Ah. I also recall a sense of rebellion. Most people wouldn’t peg me as a Slytherin, and I enjoyed the shock in their reactions when confronted by the notion. It was the closest thing I could do to signify my own “badness” which was mostly a reflection of my mental illnesses that were unresolved at the time.

Even in my early to mid twenties, I was under the impression that I was a Slytherin through and through.

Post Recovery Journey

In more recent years, I started taking the Hogwarts house quizzes to see if Slytherin is truly where I belong. And guess what? Sometimes, it was. There was a sense of comfort in “being the same as who I was all along,” but then…I started taking the quiz without trying to get into Slytherin.


I was in Hufflepuff. And, for a while, I was teased for it. No one really wants to be just a kind person. We want to be vicious and ambitious (rhyme!). We want to be driven. And, like, Rowling did such a crap job at explaining what Hufflepuffs do.

In no way was I a Ravenclaw (actually, I can crack the test to get me into any house, which sounds awful, perhaps). When my answers were true and honest…I was one of the Hufflepuff folk.

Guess it’s time to embrace it. Oh, and, stop trying to impress or shock anyone.

Hufflepuff pride, yo.



My incredible friend Ely posted her answers to this Book Personality Challenge a few days
    The Netflix Chronicles are back. If you are new here, the Netflix Chronicles
  Sometimes, when I talk to certain people, I see it clearly. Negativity. Like a

Season Review: The 100 Season 2

Over the past week, I have inched my way through the second season of The 100. In order to preserve the freshness of this experience, I wanted to write reviews for compelling shows. Needless to say: The 100 is one heck of a thought-provoking series. SOME SPOILERS AHEAD!

season 2 gloss over:

The stakes are much higher than they were in the previous season. Forty seven Ark citizens are taken into a place called Mount Weather. A funny play on words, “wither” suggests that the place is not as harmless as it may appear to the survivors of season one. Even the names of the authority figures here have sinister names: Dante Wallace (Wall-ace) a la Dante’s Inferno. His son’s name is Cage.

Make of that what you will. But, to me, these names were very indicative of these characters’ functions within the story.

Power play

If the first half of the season was simply a power play between the adults, things surely change in this second half. Clarke and her mother tug back and forth at the leader position for the ark people.

More than anything, the biggest struggle is between Clarke and newcomer to the show Lexa, the commander of the grounders. This duo is sometimes difficult to watch because Lexa is an intense version of Clarke. She is all mind with a dulled heart. Meanwhile, Clarke has to make some difficult decisions that lead her to question her own humanity and connection with others.

Leadership changes within the mountain as well: Cage starts off slow, but then overtakes the approach to Mount Weather’s liberation. Again, here we see this struggle between being humane versus being efficient. There is a play at science versus art and culture underlying this conflict, too, between the father and son.

Poor Lincoln and octavia (round 50000)

Lincoln has the crappiest luck in this series. I just can’t get over how resilient he is. Through Lincoln, we get to see someone questioning grounder culture from an early age and be critical of these expectations. Not only that, but he also manages to be sympathetic to the sky people.

Same coin, flipped side: Octavia of the Sky People was isolated simply by existing. She never belonged with her own society. As such, she searches for her place within the grounder community.

I like that Octavia’s growth has little to do with Lincoln. Sure, he introduces her to grounder culture, but she mostly interacts with his people independently. Her relationship with Indra should be explored more in later seasons, I hope, because it must be weird after how things ended between them.

Oh, and let’s all applaud the choice to separate Octavia from Bellamy and Clarke. Octavia is a fierce woman, not just because she is a warrior. In addition to physical strength, I find her to be emotionally and mentally resilient. Just like Lincoln.

Tough decisions

Ultimately, the decisions that leaders make for their people’s survival are the driving force of this season. Clarke and her “good guys” approach withers (no pun…okay, some pun intended) in the presence of Lexa.

Abigail questions Lexa and Clarke’s authority on the basis of their age. Dante and Cage are at an impasse and Dr. Tsing is getting restless.

Bellamy and Lincoln have to face the horrific usage of grounders and sky people by the mountain men.

There’s something strange about the utopia presented at first: everyone knowing each other’s name. People eating in the same room, arguing over cake. Jasper and Monty transition from contentedness to full blown resistance.

So much conflict.

And loss. I’m not sure I’ll ever be over the betrayals and that death.

One liners

“The first dose is the worst.”

“I hope you know how special you are.”

“I bear it so they do not have to.”

and finally, the most painful line to hear, Thanks, princess.”


Set in 1960, the film opens with the death of Ellie's mother as she prepares
It has been a while since I have done a Netflix Chronicles update. So, here
      I finished watching season 1 of The Good Place on Netflix. Here are some

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Fancasts I Love

Hello there! This week’s Top 5 Wednesday speaks to me on an emotional level. Naturally, I had to join this week. Top 5 Fancasts that I love and enjoy! Let’s do this.

5. Nina Zenik from Six of Crows

I know this is an overused one (at least on the Internet, it is rather common), but: Barbie Ferrera is the perfect Nina. She has such a sassy personality, and she genuinely exudes vibes of confidence and a touch of humor.

4. (young) Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series

Even though my status now is a Hufflepuff, I still find Slytherin really interesting and underdeveloped. I wish there was more of Bellatrix pre-Azkaban. I like this fan-video of her with Voldemort. She’s played by the awesome Kiera Knightley, whose name I can never spell correctly.

3. Cassel from White Cat

There’s not much buzz about this trilogy, but I remember watching this video early on and finding Cassel to be on par with who I imagined him to be.

2. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

I am basically pro-anyone who is a person of color playing Katniss, because that’s her description in the novels anyway. A lot of people were relieved to see Jennifer Lawrence play her. Not me. And, I don’t mean this in a hipster way at all, seriously, because I understand that she’s a good actress. Anyway, this lady here (at least in the graphic) looks like a better fit for Katniss. Hopefully, they wouldn’t bleach Peeta’s hair in that reboot of my dreams.

 1. Joseph Kavinsky from The Dream Thieves

LISTEN. I am not sure why this dude was so fascinating to me, but he was. So, I went to search for fanvids of him. This one is my favorite, and I show it to all my friends who would appreciate it. Tell me this is not a Kavinsky fanvid.

Your Turn:

If you are into fanvids by any chance, link your favorite ones for me to check out! I love seeing characters move and interact.

I am having a particularly rough time existing, so I am taking advantage of post
Ah, welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday where I break the rules. This is becoming
Getting redeemed is often reserved for villains, but today, I am going to be talking

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books on my TBR for the Fall

Hello! I’m surprising myself here by participating in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday, as you may know, is a weekly meme by the lovely The Broke and the Bookish. This week, I am listing and discussing my top ten books on my TBR for fall.

Let’s begin.

10. The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness

I want to read more Patrick Ness books in general. But, I am ready to read these longer books, too, for the season. What I know about this book series is that it has a journey aspect, society, and hearing thoughts. A boy, his dog together. Then, a girl appears.

9. They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

This one is on my to-buy list for next month. I have a good feeling about Adam Silvera in general. Sometimes, when authors talk, I feel like a connection to them as writers. They Both Die At the End deals with life and death. I don’t know how much you know about me, but my birthday is in October. And…I tend to reflect on my life every year (mostly beating myself up). Perhaps this book will help me cope better.

8. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

It is TIME for this to happen in my life. I don’t know much. A fascinating artistic character in Karou awaits.

7. Shiver by Maggie Steifvater

Look, I know she has a release this fall. But, I am unsure if it relies on cultural appropriation. In order to support art that is not damaging to the image of other cultures, I am holding off on buying that book. Also, I am not sure if I’d be interested in that book anyway. Shiver has to do with werewolves and kissing, which, admittedly, are not things I can really relate to.  However, I think Steifvater has more license and authority on those things (more than about another culture, at least).

6. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Hmm. That one and the next one on the list are reminiscent of Halloween vibes, too. For some reason, I am under the impression that this book is kind of slow paced, so I’m intimidated by it quite a bit to be honest.

5. Caraval by Stephanie Garber



Give me all the circus-y books to read in the fall.

4. The Novice by Taran Matharu


Adventure and demon-y creatures make this trilogy sound so intriguing for the fall season. I hear these books are easy to get through. For whatever reason, I have in my head that these books are also echoes of Pokemon and/or Digimon, about which I know very little. Perhaps I’ll be cool after I read this book.


3. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

The movie converted me into a fan of the books, which is strange, because this rarely happens. I want to read this trilogy soon to embrace the eerie nature of time loops but also the fantastic ways of Miss Peregrine.

2. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Cathrynne M. Valente

It is a series of five (five? I think?) children’s stories revolving around a girl who goes to a place called Fairyland (I know! You’d have never guessed this from the title). The story reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. 

 1. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman time. I am going to start with this one, perhaps. Granted, I do have other options that are also appropriate for the fall time.

Slumps, of all kinds, are the worst. It doesn't matter if you can do your
Image courtesy of Couleur on Pixabay. Not a genre I normally reach for, middle-grade books
For this week's Top 10 Tuesday, I am twisting the prompt a bit. Rather than

Discussion: Blogging with Mental Illness

This is the PITS. I have been having a rough time for at least three months. Today, I decided to share my experience with blogging as someone who has mental illness. As such, I am considering making a change in how I approach this. I guess I’m gesturing at this site. Some of this discussion may resonate with you, I hope. But, some of it won’t. I hope you just…listen.

Let’s begin.

Routine Rush

When I joined the book blogging community a year ago, I noticed that there are certain types of posts that people shared. Lists. Lots of lists. My problem is not so much that the lists were “bad.” But, they did not work for me, because I am not reading as rapidly as some people in the community do. This results in me listing the same books, week after week. And, after a while, it just gets less fun.

Instead, it feels like a routine (not in a nice way). I don’t read as much as others, and I am pressuring myself even more to keep up.

Not only was it just a series of lists for books, but I also fell into a trap where I had created these “sections” of my blog to streamline navigation. Like, it’s a blog. Not a map. The fun of it, to me, is to see a life unfold, to enjoy fan-girl moments and analysis, and enthusiasm.

Consistency Woes

This was another issue I had with the blog. I pressured myself to post every day of the week, for weeks at a time. Nothing I’m saying is ground-breaking news. I’m sure people can live without my lists for a day or two per week.

Maybe even more.

I have to be careful not to turn this into something my OCD will flip against me (that sentence failed on so many levels).

Running Away

I don’t like talking about how sick I am on here for fear of sounding “out of it.” But, as someone who has had depersonalization all her life, I have a hard time being “present.” For the past five years, I have been in therapy. Granted, it took me a long time to open up about this (and the manic episodes were pretty embarrassing too).  It’s scary to be here mentally and I honestly don’t know how I always just…stop being myself and pray that if I dream of someone else, I could somehow become them.

Does this make any sense?

Anyway, blogging shouldn’t be all that I do. Neither does reading sound like something I want to throw my whole life into. I want to see what makes me feel at peace. In order to do that, I need to step away from following this dance of posting, commenting, and then depersonalize my way through the day, hoping to become a different person.

Maybe I can write about my findings, or try to capture my moments of clarity.

I don’t know. But I am definitely in need of learning new things to become a more comfortable person.

And the search continues

What is ahead is lots of soul searching and experimenting with what works for me as a blogger. My intention is not to insult anyone who is okay with the routine posts, or the reading all the time. It just isn’t working for me. We’ll see what I find worth discussing on here between the books I do manage to finish.

Love and light.



Way back in February, I went to the library and grabbed my first Sarah J.
  Early in the year, I decided to plunge into various reading challenges. Namely, my
I was watching this video by the awesome CeCe, where she discussed books that would

Book Review: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

I’m sure  you have been seeing Mackenzie Lee’s The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue around the internet. For a while there, I was hesitant to read it. But, as soon as I started reading it, I realized that this is one of the coolest books I had read in a long time.

Let’s begin.

Revisiting historical contexts

Essentially, the story is about a trio (two siblings, and their friend who is a person of color) in the 1800s. Monty and his sister Felicity along with Percy are on a grand tour. Basically, it’s a last hurrah before moving to “adulthood.”

The really cool part of the story is the combination of the setting in contrast with the perspectives offered in the story. Monty is an able bodied bisexual man who is wealthy. Throughout the story, Felicity and Percy seem to slap him with the reality of their existence within the society he once assumed was tough on him.

I just love how Mackenzie Lee addresses privilege and perspective. Part of me is kind of afraid that this book will be dismissed as fluff. It is not that at all (to me, anyway).

Because, yes, the story is fun and loose in terms of its following of a grand plot, but the point is the way it is highlighting differences between Monty’s experience and that of Felicity and Percy.

subverting social expectations

I don’t want to spoil the book (I won’t), but all I can say is that the trio definitely subverts the expectations of their time. For once, Felicity is interested in things frowned upon for women. She is certainly more in charge of her two companions than one would assume.

Percy, a person of color with a health condition very close to something I experience, is faced with a destiny secluded from everyone else. He is also addressed in such awful ways. I was afraid for him, definitely. I think you would, too.

Through it all, these three people go on an adventure that no one really expects for them to have. I mean, the tour was scheduled in such an air-tight way. There was a mentor figure with them, and there was a route planned.

But, no. they drift. And, I know this may frustrate some people. But, what drove me most was how relevant this story set in the 1800s even now in 2017.

morality and growth

Obviously, the story is frank in its addresses of sexuality (Monty is bisexual in a time of strong queer-phobia). In many ways, the story is about an arc of growth for the three main characters. It is about deciding on conforming or not. And, if not, figuring out how they’ll exist as people.

What I truly love is that what the society presents as “morally sound” is strongly critiqued and questioned. There is a lot of exploration of familial physical abuse, and, to a lesser extent, emotional abuse. It certainly colors the way Monty behaves, as well as acts as incentive for him to think he is “ruined.” Certainly, it is a notion that echoes with me as someone who experienced abuse from within family.

and i guess

I suppose, if we were to go on a superficial note here, the book is just funny, and witty. It has charming characters who are worth the investment of your time and energy. I have not met someone quite like Felicity. Some people say that she’s like Hermione, but I think she’s a bit more of a pioneer.

Read this book. It’s definitely up there on my list of favorites. So good.


Some of you may know that I lived in Egypt in the 90s. I was
In the most recent months of 2018, I have been aiming to read beyond my
The Love for V.E. Schwab I started reading V.E. Schwab's work about a year ago.

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Books I Want To Read Sans Synopsis

Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This is a meme based on topics posted on a wonderful Goodreads group. Every week, we get fun prompts to help us come up with a list of book-related items. Today, I am talking about my top 5 books that I plan to read with no synopsis. Let’s begin.

5. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I know so little about this series of books (is it a trilogy? I know book 3 was postponed). Something about space and artificial intelligence are somehow related to the story, but the characters change from the first two books. Other than that, I do not know much, and I certainly like it better that way. It is pretty hyped, but I am going in blind.

4. Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Friendships that rule! And, something about witches that can tell that truth all the time or perhaps they can discern when someone is being honest? Another really hyped story right here, and I am very excited to join fandoms and flail with everyone, but, in order to do that, I am not learning more than this about the synopsis.

3. Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Emma Watson wanted to play the main character from this series in an adaptation of it. A queen is involved. Also: I got the first two books in the ugly paperback editions with the final one as a beautiful hardcover. I would love to keep up the ignorance I have in regards to the synopsis.

2. Gail Carriger’s Soulless (and following series, spin offs)

Yes, I know that I have been mentioning Carriger quite a bit lately, but the truth is I am so curious about her work (and have gathered a lot of it). So, all I know about this series is that it is steampunk and involves vampires, werewolves and some other species I am not really sure about. To me, the covers are intriguing and the author seems fascinating to me (and inspiring).

 1. Brandon Sanderson’s stuff (except for Alcatraz books and Rithmatist)

Basically, I have been gathering Sanderson’s stuff for a while (I have stopped for now, so I don’t have Rithmatist or Alcatraz books). Lots of ground to cover, and I don’t really know much about the stories. What’s interesting was that nothing can prepare me for how this man writes. He creates these complex and real worlds, with complicated character relationships. And, I say this after reading just one book: I don’t need a synopsis for his work.

Your Turn:

If you have any books or writers you’d recommend for me to read (without checking out the synopsis), please share them in the comment section. I’d love to discover new authors (new to me, or debut authors, too). Have a  bad-ass Wednesday!


I am having a particularly rough time existing, so I am taking advantage of post
Ah, welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday where I break the rules. This is becoming
Getting redeemed is often reserved for villains, but today, I am going to be talking

Week 2 of September, 2017: To Be Read Goals

I’m still spiraling in this really bad mental state in September. It is frustrating to see myself lose interest in everything. However, I know I have to keep on trying and fighting. So, while I know these TBRs (to be read goals rather) may sound repetitive, keep in mind that I truly am attempting to get a grip on this gross feeling.

Let’s begin.


Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder is on my sequels to read this week. I don’t know why I hesitate to pick up anything to read, but this series is quick and interesting. Perhaps it’ll be a good pick me up this week.

I’m still considering reading The Elite by Kiera Cass (but unsure if I’m up to it).


I may venture into The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May. Not quite sure if I’d be up to it, but it’s on the pile near my bed. It’d be nice to finish this trilogy.

series starters

Also, if I have the chance, I may try out some steampunk novel. I have a couple of options.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.


An Honest Update before the Fall into Fantasy To Be Read Pile: You may have
October of 2018 was a total dumpster fire. Nevertheless, I am determined to bounce back
I haven't been able to post on my blog for most of September. The world

The 100 Mid-Season Reflections: Season 2

As you may have gathered by now, I am working my way through The 100. This show is a complicated grappling with human morality and ethics, wrapped under the guise of a cute cast and a seemingly familiar premise. Humans had to leave Earth, live in space, because of radiation. Years later, they can return after they send in a 100 of their criminals to test life on the “ground.”

Everything has Changed

I just cannot get over how much people changed this season! Clarke and Bellamy hugged when they saw each other. I’m with Octavia: no one could have seen this coming.

With the arrival of the “adults” on the ground, we are now seeing how one would traditionally approach the conflicts from the first season. The Grounders are mad, especially because someone killed them off (I’m not looking at you, Clarke and Finn, or anything like that).

Speaking of which: FINN! What happened to good ol’ sweet Finn? Through him, the concept of loss and trauma take on a new depiction. I like the parallels between him and Lincoln so far.

The strain between him and the rest of the surviving group is so, so palpable. I am so curious to see how it will unfold, how the show will unpack that guilt. Also: will Finn recover from his actions early in this season?

Jaha vs. Abby vs. Kane

Ah, the Chancellor position continues to be very confusing. It’s riveting to watch this position of power and leadership held by different people. In doing so, we get to see various takes on what truly matters for the people of the sky, and the methods they choose to go about it.

Mount Weather

Ultimately these folks are the catalyst for the conflict thus far. The way they are divisive even when they seem to be peace-keepers. I am trying not to completely be like Monty, but my suspicions were prickly from the very moment we are introduced to Mount Weather.

The question is: how will the conflict be resolved? And, what happens to these people’s survival? It’s like the constant natural selection process is unfolding even with people lying and deceiving just so they can survive.

My hope is that Jasper and the gang are able to hold their own rescue mission. This is mainly because I love Jasper and I want to see him try to grasp his own sense of agency and control. But, if it doesn’t happen, I’d understand that it’s hard to do this for someone with so much turmoil (I mean, for me, I can relate to that struggle).

Your Turn:

Have you watched any episodes of The 100? Who are your favorite characters? Any theories on what will happen next? Watch out for spoilers (not for me. I like spoilers. But, other people might not appreciate them).

See you in the comments

    The Netflix Chronicles are back. If you are new here, the Netflix Chronicles
It's been a while since I did a Netflix Chronicles update. This particular one will
It has been a while since I have done a Netflix Chronicles update. So, here