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Hi there. While watching Ely’s introduction of her cat Percy, I thought of introducing my own cats. Here are my own babies: Momo, Mika and Massy.

honoring corn-loving cat: Momo

I have to mention Momo, our first cat to live with us full-time. Momo was one of the reasons I became vegan. She loved life. I’d see her twist her body in ways I’d never imagined a cat can ever do. She loved corn, and pancakes. I believe she also loved watermelon.

When I had manic episodes, she wanted to play with me. When I was in depressive episodes, she’d lay with me in bed and purr. I wish I’d taken more photos of her. Back then, I was not very social with Momo. It’s something I always feel guilty of.

Baby girl passed away 2010 (I think?), and I was so devastated. I lay around just crying.

Mika the cuddle monster

So, Momo used to get lonely and she wanted friends to play with. Mom adopted Mika. Mika has long hair, and the ugliest meow known to man-kind. She loves to eat, as well. Her favorite human food is lettuce. This cat was such a water baby. She used to walk in on people taking showers and just sit in the corner of the tub, watching the water.

Mika used to quite anti-social. Her favorite person used to be my brother, but it’s now my sister. She is very chatty (not my sister, Mika). And she’s also rather affectionate.

Sometimes, she tricks people into petting her while she eats. I have no clue what purpose that serves for her. I usually do what she wants.

My monkey child: massy

I met Massy when she was a little wee kitten. People were bottle feeding her, because her mommy was gone. After Momo passed away, we adopted Massy. She had fleas and she slept in my room. I felt chosen, I know that’s silly but Massy always makes me feel like I have something to offer.

She loves me so much, she poops in my room. Now THAT is true love. Every night, she checks on me. We cuddle sometimes. She kind of has a temper. You can’t just pet her randomly.

Massy is very picky with food, and with people. She is not very social; but, she’ll come to you if she feels safe around you.

What’s with the m thing?

My little sister’s name starts with M, and she initiated a law of naming cats with M names. Even stray cats get an M name. I take this rule very seriously, okay.


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