About Me

I am Dina, sometimes I am a Dinasoaur. I am a fan of words and stories. Once, I was a writer of my own shower jams that were never sung aloud. Now, I turn them into stories. Sometimes, they rhyme, but mostly they don’t. My blog is a collection of things that interest me. Be it literature, film, music, or lifestyle ideas, I am sharing a light and love out into the Internet.

As a nerd, I am intrigued by young adult literature. Let me narrow that down a bit. Sometimes, I read fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy. My interests lie in exploring more science fiction, epic fantasy, and steampunk fiction. Mostly, though, I am trying to read as much as I can, as widely as I can.

Furthermore, my website is a safe space for all minorities. I want to be supportive and inclusive of fellow minorities.  My blog is a search for intersectional texts. Finally, this corner of the Internet is a celebratory spot with body positivity, all sexual orientations, all genders, ethnicities, and races. I am here to learn about ways of being a better ally.