About Me

Hi. I am Dina, a thirty-something former English tutor, and instructor. Forever a reader, I have always loved admiring, studying, and discussing ideas and stories. My career in academia was turbulent and short-lived for many reasons. Mental illness, something I had dealt with throughout my life, had intensified.

Before ever going to therapy or seeing a psychiatrist, I was keen on unlocking some treasure box that would help me manage a normal life. This means lots of self-help books and faking happiness. In 2012, I started cognitive behavioral therapy and began the process of unlearning a whole way of living (to use the term loosely). Naturally, now I combine the interests in self-help, wellness, and psychology. More than anything, my blog is a dialogue.

Aside from wellness, I also like reading stories and experiencing art. I use this blog space to celebrate the beauty and resilience of storytellers (regardless of medium). Expect some serious fangirl times.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Let’s be friends.