April Week 1 TBR Goals

Ah, April week 1 TBR Goals is here! For this week, I am not going to be participating in RYBSAT as strictly as I did last time. Instead, I want to focus on finishing up some series before Tome Topple. But my goal is to be more productive and engaged.

I want to comment on blogs some more, and interact with people in the book community. This is frightening for me, and yet it is a good challenge to have.

But, wait, I may be getting ahead of myself here. Let us get into my overall April Week 1 TBR and goals.

First: here is my over-ambitious TBR for the week.


Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo


Nikolai is bae and I want to see him take the throne already. If I ignore the hints of how great Mal is, perhaps this book will turn out to fulfill my dreams.

What are my dreams?

I hope she ends up with the Darkling or Nikolai.

Other than that, I want her to be the Sun Summoner and be strong.

Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkowski

Even though the second book made me want to punch the characters in the face, I would like to see a resolution for them.

I still love them and care.

Here’s hoping someone kicks the Emperor in the face.

Maybe the puppy can pee on him, too?

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

If I don’t finish it this week, I am okay with extending it to Tome Topple. But, I want to be done with the series by the end of April for sure. What will happen to Rhy? What about Alucard, whose name is very hard for me to spell?

Kell, Lila, and Holland. So much to explore. I cannot wait.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater (I know! I have to finish this quartet already) 

Many moons ago, I had wanted to read this darn book. But, the Dream Thieves threw me off a bit. I started out not liking Ronan. And, now…his life is more complicated and scary.

I love that guy.

But, I want to get to meet Henry already. (I see you, Tumblr, you’re giving me unrealistic expectations of him).

My favorite remains to be Adam. And, I want to see what he does.

That Gansey dude is alright, I suppose (Just downplaying my feelings here).

Blue is goals for life. She is just a neat character and I adore her. I really do.


I have to continue the agony of The School of Good and Evil. Did I mention my annoyance with this? But, I am curious now to see what will happen. How will this story unfold?




And finally, I am hoping to start reading An Ember in the Ashes throughout the week.

As always, I know this is ambitious. But, I like to keep busy.  Plus, the goal is to be more productive. I want to be more engaged.


For this week, I want to try to incorporate better time management.

Write more

Exercise multiple times a week

Read more than 2 books

This was my April week 1 TBR Goals. What are your plans for April’s week 1? What are your TBR goals and overall goals for the week? I would love to hear what you have in mind!


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2 thoughts on “April Week 1 TBR Goals”

  1. Go you for wanting to interact with people in the book community more! You’ve found me through it (I think?) and I’d say that’s worked out pretty well, yeah? Hopefully everyone else realizes how lovely you are like I have did you reach out to them!

    Yay Ruin and Rising. I can’t actually fully remember what happened in that one, but I did really enjoy the Grisha series as a whole when I read it. (For me it was all about the Darkling. I love dark characters.) Hope you like it!

    I never made it pass The Winner’s Curse. For some reason I just didn’t connect with the romance, which was a shame since a lot of the story was built around it in the beginning. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t if the second made you want to punch the MCs in the face, haha.

    And The Raven Cycle. I’ve only read The Raven Boys but I definitely plan on continuing that series and actually own book two and three. It seems everyone loves that series overall so hopefully we both end up liking it just the same! I really enjoyed the first. 🙂

    Good luck on achieving your goals this week! I don’t really have any set goals. Pretty much get back to exercising regularly (I’ve sort of fallen apart this past week so need to get back on it), get ready for my fiancé’s visit (I’m so excited!), prep blog posts to cover my hiatus (just two more posts to write which I should be able to complete tomorrow), aaaaaand keep drawing! 🙂

  2. THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING TBR.!!! You are so in for a good time.🎉🎉😂 I absolutely adored ACOL (it was honestly finale perfection adjfkasld <3) and Blue Lily and The Winner's Kiss are from two of my favourite series so…I hope you like them too.😂

    (And yes! It's so nice to find another Alina/Nikolai shipper! They were my OTP for sure hehe.)

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