April Weekly Wrap Up 3

Here we go with another April Weekly Wrap Up. This past week, I managed to read one 600 page book. Allow me to state how great of an accomplishment this is for me. But, really, it’s not that awesome, if we are being honest with each other.

I am trying to keep doing things, even though my mental health is somewhat turbulent. It’s something I have to be conscious of, more than before, since medications had to be tweaked. Hey, at least I sleep now. I’ll take it.

Books I Have Read

This week is part of Tome Topple. So, I am dedicating my time to read some of my longer books. I managed to finish book 1 of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. While I did enjoy it a lot, I will say that some parts in the beginning dragged. And, in the ending, there was way too much happening. I am not even sure I comprehend everything that went down, because it was a series of punches in the stomach.

Nevertheless, I am starting the next one, since my Twitter poll results suggested I do so. (Actually, I just checked and it’s still split 50/50).

I may rely on family members to break the tie, then.

Media I Have Watched

This week, I have been watching a few movies. But, mostly Rogue One. I did not like this movie the first time I saw it because I found it very dark. However, after much thought, I ended up really invested in this story. I adore the cast, and the story just makes me think of bravery and its relationship with glory. (To be more precise, there is no correlation, to me).

Jams I Have Listened To 

My favorite discovery this week was “We Move Like The Ocean” by Bad Suns. Anything with Bad Suns and you’ll find me rather invested.


  Ah, April is flying by, and so it is time for another weekly wrap-up.
    I have noticed that a lot of people do weekly wrap-ups. Naturally, a
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