August, 2017, Week 2 TBR Pile


Welcome to mid-August of 2017! So, this week marks the beginning of the Reading Quest challenge. This challenge will guide my reading for the next four weeks.

tying some loose ends

I haven’t finished Graceling yet, and I am halfway through it. Going to be reading that book early into the week. In an ideal world, I’d be starting the Reading Quest challenge with no books on my currently-reading pile (and is it a pile if it’s only one book? Questions I cannot answer fully).

First book in a series

So, this week I’m beginning the challenge with a first book in a series. For that challenge, I’m reading Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder.

side quests

In addition, I am going to be trying The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Gray for the Open World side quest. I have been really hoping to read this one book for so long.


Explaining the past week’s reading crisis

If I do move finish reading these books, it would be a miracle. But, I am hoping to read as much as I can. My goal is to get myself back to the plan of reading regularly, writing, commenting, and participating in life in general.

As you may have read on the Twitters, I have been complaining about dentist drama. I don’t handle doctor appointments very well as a whole, so I often feel frazzled afterwards. This past week was intense for me. Hopefully things are smooth sailing for a while now.


Your turn

Do you have any reading plans for this upcoming week? How’s August treating you thus far? Oooh, are you participating in any readathons? Share your TBR links with me, so I can fangirl with you. Best of luck on this challenge. Hope we all read all the things (I know it’s unlikely, but we can dream together).



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