Blog Roll

I firmly believe in sharing exciting content. Naturally, a lot of these works are not written by me. This little blog roll is a tiny bit of brilliant, clever, thought-provoking examples of what the Internet can truly achieve. A few words of warning: I can like someone’s content and disagree with them on a few (or many) ideas. Use your own discretion when deciding who to subscribe to or support. 

Bookish Peeps

My blog is predominantly a book-centric one. For that reason, I am showcasing a small selection of my favorite bookish people on the Internet. Please note that not everyone’s content is entirely dedicated to books or fiction.

Animal Rescues and Sanctuaries

As a cat mama, I have had the pleasure of being close to animals for a good chunk of my adult life. If there’s one thing I want to highlight here is that rescue and foster work need support. Be it financial (if you have the means) or just by spreading the word, I want to celebrate the work of these heroes. This is hard, emotionally, financially, and energetically taxing work. Here are a few of my favorite rescues and sanctuaries for animals.

Some More Cool Kids in Town

Below is a small collection of some really awesome people on the Internet. I couldn’t narrow their focus but all I can say is that they talk about importanct issues that relate to diversity, marginalization, and representation.