May 2018 Week 4 Reading Plans With A Twist



Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace for the past week. Nevertheless, I am continuing the fight with new reading plans for this upcoming week by following a twist. The Duodecathon is running this week, and I am attempting to include some of its challenges to guide my reading.

A Book Recommended by Someone

The Diviners by Libba Bray is one of the books recommended in the Goodreads group, which you can access here. It has been on my shelves for a while and I am looking forward to seeing Bray’s portrayal of metaphysical forces at work in 1920’s America.

A Book With Multiple Points of View

A Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman, I think, has multiple points of view. I recall hearing that it is a historical fiction novel with a touch of fantasy in there. It clearly has to do with kings and royalty, so I thought it fitting to include it in this week’s reading plans.

A Book About a Villain

Vicious by V.E. Schwab has been waiting for me ceaselessly. Aside from the Archived duology, this series marks my completion of all Schwab’s published work. I am thrilled to read some Slytherin-inspired characters. Plus, the book has a beautiful cover now (and in the reprinting. Totally love them both).

A book with Antonyms in the Title

I did not know what to use for this challenge, but lo and behold, on a list of suggestions, I found Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. I am trying to make my way through all my unread books. This will be a nice, satisfactory check on my list. However, I am also considering A Shadow Bright and Burning. 

A Second Book in a Series

Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor, of course, has to be on this list. I just need to find the mental space to read. But, the first book was a hit for me, and it just blew me away, honestly. Naturally, I look forward to reading this story’s continuation.

I doubt I’ll be able to finish all these books in a week but I’d like to at least start. Bonus points if I can tackle Twilight along the way.

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I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still
As we speed through the end of April, I am beginning my preparations to read

Cartwheeling into May 2018’s Week 3 with Epic Reading Plans

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This week is officially marking a halfway point of May 2018. While I have been slowly making my way through my huge TBR piles, I am hoping to keep trying to pick up the pace. In other words, I am catapulting my reading with some ambitious plans. Without further stalling, here are my ambitious reading plans for the week.

Reading Plans via Challenges from the #KillYourTBR Quest

A Book With a One-Word Title: Hunger by Michael Grant is on my list of books I desperately want to tackle before the end of the month. I have read these books ages ago and I am aiming to reread them as I repurchase used copies of the series. My reading plan for the rest of the year is to revisit this series. It is a grim story but I do enjoy the characters and their story arcs.



A Collection of Short Stories from a Genre You’re Unfamiliar With: Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman is not a collection of short stories. However, it is a fairly short novel and, more importantly, it is from a genre I am totally unfamiliar with. I have read only a steampunk interpretation of Westerns as a genre. This one, from what I gathered, is more of a faithful adaptation to the staples of this said genre.

A Book With an Animal on the Cover: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer is a book I am interested in reading this week. I want to contrast this take on werewolves compared to Twilight and Shiver. 

A Book With a Five-Word Title: Days of Blood and Starlight is a given here. Obviously, my heart has been aching for more Karou, Akiva, Zuzana, and Mik. That’s all I have to say on this matter.

A Book With a Character With a Disability: I am unsure if this is accurate but I recall Talon from Under the Never Sky having a disability that I foolishly cannot remember. I am now on the second book in the trilogy. It should be a fun ride.

Oh. And finally. The First Book in a Series: I am thinking of getting to Alexandra Bracken’s The Darkest Minds. Amandla Sternberg plays the main character in the film and I am a fan of their work (they use they/them pronouns). It’ll be nice to read something a little different than the rest of my pile.

Obviously. This is an ambitious pile. I want to read more but I recognize that I read slowly. 

    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still
As we speed through the end of April, I am beginning my preparations to read

May 2018 Week 2 Reading Plans and Coughing Fits

I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It’s Sunday night and I am still stalling. This gosh dang flu feels like a giant creature tackled me. So, amidst the coughing fits, here are my reading plans for week 2 of May 2018.

Beat the Backlist

Remember when I said I’d work my way through my TBR this year? I am in need of reminding myself to incorporate more backlist books into my reading plans.

This week, I am going to give Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman a shot. I am going to ease off these expectations of me finishing everything I start within the week, though because I want this to be fun.

A Series a Month

Okay, so I am going to be reading the second book of Laini Taylor’s first trilogy. Days of Blood and Starlight has a beautiful cover and a compelling love story that I am dying to read.

I know this was not part of the initial readathon resolution, but I want to also continue with Through the Ever Night (Rossi)Miss Mayhem (Hawkins), and Lucinda’s Secret (Black).

New Books

Finally, I also want to read my new books! This week, I am trying out Poison Princess and (as I mentioned earlier) Miss Mayhem. If I finish these books, I will happily read some more.

What are you going to be reading this week?


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
Photo Credit: Phoebe Dill on Unsplash        This week
As we speed through the end of April, I am beginning my preparations to read

May 2018 Week 1 Reading Plans

As we speed through the end of April, I am beginning my preparations to read more than I did last month. May 2018 is going to be epic in terms of books. Hopefully, I can manage to incorporate more reading into my daily routine. Here are some of my reading plans for the week.

New Segment

Emily from Books with Emily Fox came up with this genius idea of including one big book (at least) per month. Ever the copy-cat, I am going to give this a try. I am torn between The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima and The Well of  Ascension by Brandon Sanderson.

I am going to ask my family to vote on this one. If you see me slacking off, feel free to throw tomatoes at me because I need to get back into a reading groove and I need to read my big books.

Kill Your TBR Challenges

14. A Book With an LGBT+ Romance

And I Darken by Kiersten White has a love triangle that includes an LGBT+ romance. I don’t know the details but this is all I have heard about this story. My connection with this book is amusing because everyone says it’s about a retelling of some fellow called Vlad the Impaler. I have never heard of him. It’ll be neat to see a female who is characterized by the same attitude toward others. It’s not something I encounter often in the books I read.

1. A Book With Alliteration in the Title

For this challenge, I only have the Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman. I miss me some Victorian paranormal fun times. The last one I had read was The Falconer, which has become one of my all-time-favorites. I heard mixed things about Goodman’s previous work (Eon). Perhaps this will be closer to what I like to read right not at least. I do have copies of her duology before this one.

A Book With Five Words in the Title

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor has five words in the title and it is one of the oldest books on my shelves. It has been on my shelves the longest and I want to attempt to start it this week. If I don’t manage to finish it, that would be okay, too. What matters to me is that I read some of it this week.

A Book With Three or Fewer Colors on the Cover

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi kind of has three colors? I see the green, white, and lavender. I am counting it for this one challenge and I am hoping it will be a delightful easy read.




Hope your first week of May 2018 is fantastic. What will you be reading this week? Share titles in comments!


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
Photo Credit: Phoebe Dill on Unsplash        This week
I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still

April 2018 Week 4 Reading Plans and A Shot at Increasing my Reading





April 2018 has proved to be a quick month but I have not been reading as well as I should. So, I am attempting to increase my reading this month to hit these reading goals. Here are my reading plans for April’s final week.

The Bookish 2018 Reading Challenges

A book you bought for the cover for the cover

I am going to aim for a read-through of Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Ironically, the copy I have has no dust jacket, so my cover of this book is plain dark green. *Thumbs up* It’s okay, though, because this book’s cover is beautiful.


An Author’s Debut

Storm Front is Jim Butcher’s debut novel, and it is also the beginning of the Dresden Files. I need to read this book to determine if I want to continue with these books (or even books like them). I am hoping to enjoy it. Crossing fingers and toes.

A book by an author from your state

Julie Kagawa is from California! So, I am hoping to get to Iron King this week, too. I just have not given her work a shot even though I had bought quite a few of her books in this series. My expectations are not high at all.

A book with a one-word title

Twilight is one I want to revisit. I could use some light fluff with a touch of supernatural things. Plus, it was mentioned in Parks and Rec and the reference made me smile. Besides, I want to continue with the books as I have been revisiting the movies. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen still have magic, it seems.

A book whose cover uses three or fewer colors

Hush, Hush is another one I want to get to this week. It should be fairly quick to go through. Patch and Nora also have the magic still going as I tend to look up quotes from this book series often.

 A book that explores the concept of beauty

Finally: I want to try to get at least Radical Beauty and some of my language and style books. The mission is to get a feel for books I have not tried to read in a long time (or stuff I have never read before).

What will you read this week?


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
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I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still

A Rather Reaching Attempt to Work on my Reading Challenges 2018

I have not been focusing my reading on the Popsugar reading challenges 2018. Mostly, I have been making more of an effort to seek shorter readathons. Anyway, I am trying to have back up for when the readathons are not working for me. Needless to say, this week, I am going for a rather reaching attempt to work on my challenges.

#KillYourTBR Reading Challenge

Luckily for me, I was able to find this year-long challenge called #KillYourTBR. Here is a link to the full list of prompts.

Reading Challenge 1: A Book with a Character’s Name in the Title

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin is perfect for this challenge. It is something I have wanted to read for a while. If you are extra aware of my hauled books, you would also note that this book was on there.

Reading Challenge 2: A Book with an Animal on the Cover

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater has a werewolf on the cover. Boom. Plus, I have been trying to read more of Stiefvater’s stuff. This trilogy is my next series by her.

Reading Challenge 3: A Book with Nature on the Cover

I am aiming to work my way through the Spiderwick books. Right now, I am about to start the Seeing Stone (book 2). It coincidentally has nature on the cover. Perfect!

#Popsugar Reading Challenge

A Book About or Featuring a Sport

I think Gone by Michael Grant has mentions of surfing. Your girl is definitely reaching here, but I want to squeeze this book in my reading before the month is up.

Next Book in a Series You Started

The next book in the Percy Jackson books is Titan’s Curse. Perhaps I can manage to read this one this week.  I am enjoying the books quite a bit and they are easy reads. Definitely, I want to manage to finish this beginning series this month.


A Book Set in a Country that Fascinates You

I want to squeeze in The Iron King by Julie Kagawa and it is all about fairies. Their culture always fascinates me, to be honest. Hopefully, this will be a fair manifestation of what fairies are about.

What are you hoping to read this week? Any overlap between our reading plans here?


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
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I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still

April 2018 Week 2 Plans Feat. the Unicorn Readathon




This week’s reading plans will center around the Unicorn Readathon, which involves reading about magical creatures. In fact, this is the only stipulation. Naturally, I have asked my sister to help me narrow things down. In other words, we will be breaking down a series of magical creatures and sift through my to-be-read piles to fulfill the Unicorn Readathon.


“M is for magic. All the letters are, if you put them together properly. You can make magic with them, and dreams, and, I hope, even a few surprises…” –Neil Gaiman 

April 2018 Week 2 Plans Feat. the Unicorn Readathon Idea: Werewolves: 

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater is the only series that is centered around werewolves. Plus, it is a kissing book, which is welcomed in my world after reading the kissing-less Raven Cycle by the same author.

Another book I am going to add to satisfy this category is Changeless by Gail Carriger. It involves all kinds of creatures, but among them are werewolves. In fact, the main character’s love interest is a werewolf. I love him.

Unicorn readathon idea: Vampires

Twilight, obviously, by Stephenie Meyer is going to be excellent for this week. I think it will help get me out of my slumpy feelings in general. It totally fits into the Unicorn Readathon because it involves vampires and werewolves. Plus, it is a classic. I miss reading these books. I only have the first two for now. This participation could lead me to gather the next two books in the series next month. It’s exciting to revisit these stories once more.

Unicorn readathon idea: Goblins

I actually could not think of a single book for this one, but my sister pointed out the Spiderwick Chronicles would fulfill this aspect of the Unicorn readathon. Besides, I don’t get to read about goblins that much, so this is going to be rather refreshing. In addition, this challenge helps me also get to the Of Wonderland book club’s challenges of reading books with movie adaptations. Perfect!


Percy Jackson books involve a centaur, and I am so thrilled to include the next book in the series for this week’s reading plans. The unicorn readathon probably evokes the image of cute creatures.  And, I am not saying centaurs aren’t cute, but they are not what is traditionally included in the cute-magical-creatures club.

unicorn readathon idea: Mermaids/sirens

I obviously will read my only mermaid books, Wake by Amanda Hocking. This is exceptionally perfect for the unicorn readathon challenge because the mermaids in this book are so not cute. They’re terrifying, actually. It’d be nice to balance the fun feels of Twilight with the dark feel of this book.

unicorn readathon idea: Faeries

It’s time to tackle the Iron King again (by Julie Kagawa). I have the whole series (I think) and I reckon it could really be a fun time to explore the fairy mythology from the perspective of an older series. The covers are gorgeous and they just scream unicorn readathon reading plans.


unicorn readathon idea: angels

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick used to be one of my favorites. I want to reread the series (I only have repurchased the first two so far). This week is going to be so much fun for me.  I look forward to capturing the magic of these creatures in some posts in the near future.




What are you reading this week? Are you participating in any readathons? Tell me all about it.

See you in the comments.


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
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I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still

Week 1 April 2018 Reading Plans Featuring the GrabOnReadathon Challenges

Hello! April is upon us and, as such, my reading plans for the week are going up on the blog. This month, I am participating in Of Wonderland’s book club challenge of reading books with movies. In addition, for this week, I am supplementing some challenges from the GrabOnReadathon to focus my reading. Here are the challenges.

1. Read a book with a name in the title

For this one, I am considering reading either; Leslye Walton’s The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender or Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake.  

2. Read a first book in a series

Again with the indecisiveness. I am considering two options (maybe I’ll read both of them). The Field Guide of the Spiderwick Chronicles is one on my list. It’s also a movie. The other book I really want to get to at some point is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Right now, I only have the first two books in the series.

3. Read a book from a genre you haven’t read yet this year

The Ava Lavender book is magical realism, which I have not yet read this year. It’s one of my favorites, so I am thinking of maybe trying also to read Bone Gap by Laura Ruby. It honestly depends on which one fits my mood better. However, I do want to get to a magical realism novel early in April.

4. Read a book with LGBTQIA+ representation

While I adore Adam Silvera’s writing, I am not sure I can handle heartbreak right now. And, even though I was not a huge fan of her writing, I do have Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour. If that one does not resonate with me just yet, I could give Ash by Melinda Lo a try.

5. Read a book chosen for you by someone else

I am going to ask my sister to pick something for me to try and read. Already this week’s reading plans are epic. I am afraid (and excited)

6. Read a book set in a different time than the present

I have to squeeze this book in somehow, so I am fitting it here. A Torch Against the Night has an old-time feel to it.

    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
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I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still

Final Week of March 2018 Reading Plans to Tackle Fire-Related Titles

As we wave goodbye to March 2018, I want to continue to pursue fire-related titles to fulfill the Of Wonderland theme for the month. My reading has not been incredible this March. Tackling fire-related titles is a nice way to narrow down my focus for the next few days. Here are some of my reading plans.

fire-related titles

A Torch Against the Night, the follow up to the epic An Ember in the Ashes, is naturally next. I want to read more about Laia and Elias. Saba Tahir has a gift and skill in her writing. She writes fast-paced tales with a lot of betrayal and heartbreak. I am ready for it.

Next fire-related title in my reading plans is Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I know I mentioned it last week, but I was so surprised by Ember in the Ashes that I am now hopeful. Maybe I will fall in love with this book series too.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor is also one of my most anticipated fire-related titles. I do not recall much from my read of it years ago. Still, it is going to be so awesome to meet Karou.

Vaguely fire-related titles

Eon by Alison Goodman has a dragon on the cover, so I suspect there will be a fire in there. We shall see how much I can handle dragons because I remain unsure about those creatures.

And another fire-related book is perhaps the Novice novel by Taran Matharu. I do not know for sure if there are dragon-like creatures in this novel. However, I suspect that they will be in there too.

opposite of fire-related titles

And finally, I may venture into The Coldest Girl in Coldtown land this week. I hope I can get to it because I want to read some vampire narratives again. Holly Black writes some nice stories. Although I feel like Cruel Prince was a bit of a dud, I enjoyed all the rest of her novels. I remain hopeful.

What are you reading this week? Any fire-related novels and titles on your to-be-read pile?

Share in the comments!

    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
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I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still

Guess Who’s Back? The Return of Dinasoaur’s Reading Participation As March 2018’s End Approaches

Good God, that title for my post is so long. I am sorry. But, I like long titles for some reason. Guess who’s back? Me! Your favorite Dinasoaur. I am attempting to participate and read more as March 2018’s end nears.

i see fire

As my love for Of Wonderland’s book-club grows, I want to be more involved in their prompts. March, despite being a trash can of despair, has a cool theme: fire. In other words, the title, cover, or plot should relate to flames.

I have a few books in mind to try this week of March. First, I want to wrap up my reading of the first Percy Jackson book to be published, The Lightning Thief. It’s not quite fire-related but I am enjoying it still.

Next, a few thoughts come to mind. Cinder by Marissa Meyer could shake up my world with its fantastical setting. The whole Lunar Chronicles awaits on my shelves patiently and I am now hoping to jump into this story.

Another contender for this week’s reading pile is An Ember of Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I rarely find fellow Muslim writers who create fantasy stories. “Intrigued” does not quite describe my own feelings for this story.

Eon by Alison Goodman involves dragons which thus lead it to land on my pile of books. I have heard some negative reviews of this book because of its faulty handling of disability. Still, I am moving forward with including this book in general. I have the duology.

Last but not least is Laini Taylor’s famous Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I am not scared, you are! By “scared” I mean that I am most intimidated by Taylor’s pacing. I heard from several reviewers that her books are slow. Please, Laini Taylor, do not put me in a slump.

Resurrect the reading habits

I apologize for not posting often lately. My mental health has been severely lacking in any motivation. Doctors have been helping me tweak things around, change habits and dietary choices. I am still unsure of my footing but I want to keep trying to write and read.

Thank you for sticking around


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
Photo Credit: Phoebe Dill on Unsplash        This week
I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still