Disappointments, Surprises, and Relevant Films: A May 2018 Week 2 Wrap Up


May 2018 is proving to be tumultuous in terms of reviews. Week 2 of May had intense highs and lows when it comes to reading, in particular. Here are some reflections on stories I have experienced this week.

Books: The Good, the Lovely, the Ugly

I started out my week with Dark Days Club taking some time to wrap up. Upon completing that book, I jumped straight into Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins.

Miss Mayhem was a fun ride albeit sometimes heartbreaking. It had a powerful conflict between David and Harper, Bee and Ryan too. A lot of people say it was not a memorable read; however, I would say that it was a central development of David’s character as an Oracle and Harper’s test of her Paladin status. The refreshing tone of the story coupled with the reality of the setting pushed the story to be amusing and intensely stressful.
I have not settled on a fair rating of this story yet.

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole was the next book I attempted to read. It was definitely not what I expected. The characters were crude and unlikable. The book made me uncomfortable. DNF-ed it.

Spunk & Bite is a writing manual mixed with a writing advice collection. I read Strunk & White in grad school because my style was blander than tofu. Needless to say, my writing needs fine-tuning (a lot) more.

Finally, I wrapped up my reading week by tackling the steampunk novel The Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin. It was an alright read. While its tone was quite grim, I do enjoy the pacing. A 3-star rating for this one.


Jane the Virgin, season 4 is up on Netflix, and you know what that means. I started watching it. What a ride has it been! So good. Anzeika and Petra are currently giving me all the feels right now. Jane, my brave and strong soul sister, is such an incredible lead character. This show is fantastic.

I also watch Lady Bird on DVD. It was not what I expected and I want to write more on it, but I am in need of processing it a little longer.

Finally, I did watch Almost Friends, which was a mellow film with an occasional spike in intensity. It did have my favorite kind of humor in there, so I can’t really fault it for not following the typical indie-film sequence of events.


“Happy With Me” by HOLYCHILD has been my go-to cheery song. I leave you with this bite-sized sunshine and joy in song form.

 CREDIT: Photo by Philipp Cordts on Unsplash

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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

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