WWU: Feb Weeks 1-2

Rather than doing a giant monthly review, I thought it would be easier to review my work one week at a time. So, here are my first two weeks of February. Check it out, if you’re curious!


Girl of Fire and Thorns–Rae Carson (read) 

The Dream Thieves–Maggie Steifvater  (read) 

A Darker Shade of Magic–V.E. Schwab (currently reading)

Revenge and the Wild–Michelle Modesto (read!)

Half-baked attempts: On Writing by Stephen King  (currently reading)

Extra Credit: Cinder (Marissa Meyer) and The Wrath and the Dawn (Renee Ahdieh) (Nope. Not even starting these two yet. Maybe I should) 


-Get halfway through my novel  (I’m laughing and crying at this goal. I am nowhere near this benchmark. In fact, I have not looked at my novel over the past two weeks of February. I am hoping to pick up where I left off, though).  

-Start exercising daily (walks maybe?)
(Another laughable goal, because I have not been able to focus on exercising. For the most part, I have been sedentary and stationary. Just sitting. Maybe I can try to do smaller increments of physical movement so I can get those minutes in. I’ll try. Will report back). 

(In my head, I want to be posting pictures every day on Instagram. This has not happened yet. However, I will say that I am exploring photography more by looking at what other people take pictures of, and the manner in which they do so). 

-Read and journal every day

(I have mostly been able to keep up with reading every day. But, writing in my journal was not a priority, unfortunately. I’d rather focus more on meditation. Will tweak that goal). 

-Integrate creative writing into the blog/Twitter

(Nope. I have written one “creative” post but that was it. I have been drafting another one, though). 


  Ah, April is flying by, and so it is time for another weekly wrap-up.
    I have noticed that a lot of people do weekly wrap-ups. Naturally, a
Welcome to my May Week 1 wrap up post. I have been having some ups

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