Fumbling into a Tome Infinity and Beyond Readathon Journey

As someone who is afraid of space and traveling in general, it’s hilarious that I am trying to participate in this readathon. It is called Tome Infinity and Beyond, and it going to be fascinating to trek through the challenges.  I first heard of it on the I Don’t Have a Degree in Reading channel. 

Tome Infinity and Beyond Launch: Ship D

For my first Tome Infinity and Beyond step, I need to board a ship. I picked Ship D. The challenge to get on this ship is to read a new to me author. To fulfill this request, I am leading the journey with my first John Scalzi book. Old Man’s War is sci-fi and a space opera.

Tome Infinity and Beyond Stop #1:  Asteroid Belt

While I know very little about space operas, I have heard that the These Broken Stars novel marks the beginning of space opera-like story-telling. I have read Illuminae which featured one of the co-authors of this story. Cautiously hopeful, because I know that science fiction is a bit new to me. We shall see how this one goes!

Tome Infinity and Beyond Stop #2: Mars

As I descend on Mars, I should be reading about aliens. Surprisingly, I have The 5th Wave to save me from exile. From my research, I gathered that this book is about an alien invasion! Perfect. If that one doesn’t work out, I do have Melissa Landers’ Alienated as a backup.

Tome Infinity and Beyond Stop #3: Saturn

Finally, I may find myself settled on Saturn, where the prompt requires reading a book with a circle on the cover. I am torn between three books. First, I have Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik. Then, I have the second Fablehaven book by Brandon Mull. Finally, I have a steampunk novel by Scott Westerfeld called Leviathan. 

Tome Infinity and Beyond Stop #4: Pluto 

Last but not least, I hope I can get to The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, which is among the classics of the sci-fi genre. I am nervous about reading this novel. We shall see if I can manage to get to it this week.

Your Turn:

Do you have a favorite sci-fi novel or series that you’d recommend to newcomers exploring the genre? What are your go-to themes in a sci-fi story?



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