Guess Who’s Back? Dina and Booktubeathon Round 2

My first round of booktubeathon went so poorly that I am in need of trying again. Many of the books I had chosen were duds. This collided with a lot of personal issues (not mental health related only). Yes, stuff still is up in the air, but I am hoping I choose nicer stuff for this booktubeathon. *Okay, maybe they’re not “nicer” but perhaps they’re more engaging to read.


Booktubeathon Challenge 1/ Let a coin toss decide your first read.

My sister picked a number and I used it to sift through the options I had numbered. It seems like yours truly will have to take the plunge and read Claudia Gray’s A Thousand Pieces of You. I am not scared of a little parallel universe action.


(Yes, yes I am. This is new to me and I am not thrilled about trying something so wildly out of my comfort zone).

BookTubeathon Challenge 2/ Read a book about something you want to do.

How did I not think of this last time? I want to be like the dude in Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. Too bad I am already a frightened mess. Rather than stay away, I want to read this book again to enjoy Anna and Cas.

BookTubeathon Challenge 3/ Read and watch a book to movie adaptation.

This challenge is upsetting me. The only option I have for it is The 5th Wave and I don’t know if I can handle two dystopian stories in one week. We shall see.

Booktubeathon Challenge 4/ Read a book with green on the cover.

In a Handful of Dust involves post-apocalyptic settings and fighting over resources for survival. Do you see my dilemma? What will I do? (Okay, I admit that I am more likely to read this one than the 5th Wave). 

BookTubeathon Challenge 5/ Read a book while wearing the same hat the whole time.

I have a feeling that Prodigy should be fairly quick to get through because I love the main characters and the writing itself is effortlessly graceful.

Booktubeathon Challenge 6/ Read a book with a beautiful spine.

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson has a beautiful combination of all the perfect things. Look at the puppies. Come on. Naturally, it is totally time to see how this novel 

*Dang it. This is one of the options for another readathon. No! Tears are not welling up in my eyes. Oh well. I’ll live.

Perhaps I’ll give Kiss of Deception a shot. I am not sure if it has a nice spine, but it certainly has a lovely cover, which is how I tend to judge books (like a boss. A boss who does everything wrong, but a boss nonetheless).

Booktubeathon Challenge 7/ Read seven books

I have two options that I may try to get to (especially if we both nonverbally recognize that I probably won’t read The 5th Wave for this readathon). First, I want to get my Falling Kingdom on. Bring on the Magnus, Cleo, and what’s her face (Lucia?) and the Robin-Hood-like dude (Jonas). I read snippets ages ago. Don’t be fooled. I have no clue what’s going to happen.

And finally, I am hoping to get to Grave Mercy. 

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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

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