About Me: Hogwarts House Pride and (re)Discovery

Hello! So, today is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthday. To me, these two were key figures in my life. I’d started to find pieces of myself along my path to mental health. So. In more recent years, I started to see what that equates to in the Harry Potter world’s Hogwarts.

A Little History

Growing up, I had a lot of unresolved and undiscovered mental and emotional issues. Back then, there was a lot of confusion on my part regarding why I acted the way I did. In no way am I saying that I was a good kid. I wasn’t.

Because of this, when I was introduced to Hogwarts, my immediate connection was with the “bad” kids. I felt like that Slytherin offered a place where my confusion would be welcome. This is kind of a funny thing in retrospect, because JK Rowling never actually shows decent Slytherin people.

Like…there’s a hint of badness in them all, no matter how hard she tries to “redeem” them. (I can write a whole paper on Snape and his cruelty toward children, how needless it was, how it relied on nothing but oversimplification of people). Draco was also two-dimensional (woefully so).

Still. I felt like my mental issues pushed me to be mean and defensive. Therefore, I must be with the “bad” kids, right?

Bad Reputation

Ah. I also recall a sense of rebellion. Most people wouldn’t peg me as a Slytherin, and I enjoyed the shock in their reactions when confronted by the notion. It was the closest thing I could do to signify my own “badness” which was mostly a reflection of my mental illnesses that were unresolved at the time.

Even in my early to mid twenties, I was under the impression that I was a Slytherin through and through.

Post Recovery Journey

In more recent years, I started taking the Hogwarts house quizzes to see if Slytherin is truly where I belong. And guess what? Sometimes, it was. There was a sense of comfort in “being the same as who I was all along,” but then…I started taking the quiz without trying to get into Slytherin.


I was in Hufflepuff. And, for a while, I was teased for it. No one really wants to be just a kind person. We want to be vicious and ambitious (rhyme!). We want to be driven. And, like, Rowling did such a crap job at explaining what Hufflepuffs do.

In no way was I a Ravenclaw (actually, I can crack the test to get me into any house, which sounds awful, perhaps). When my answers were true and honest…I was one of the Hufflepuff folk.

Guess it’s time to embrace it. Oh, and, stop┬átrying to impress or shock anyone.

Hufflepuff pride, yo.



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Author: dinasoaur

awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

2 thoughts on “About Me: Hogwarts House Pride and (re)Discovery”

  1. I was totally shocked when I took the test and came out Slytherin. But after that I owned my house. I am the Most Proud Slytherin, with a lot of merchandise to prove it. To be honest even though Hogwarts Houses are these fictional, arbitrary things, being in Slytherin actually makes me feel strong.

    People are always surprised by me being in Slytherin, as well. I find that amusing because there are some VERY Slytherin traits inside me but I just don’t often show them to anyone, haha.

    I have been sorted into Ravenclaw a few times, but that in no way surprised me since intelligence and knowledge is important to me and and important part of me, as well. But I never feel a connection with that House. It is Slytherin all the way for me.

    I’m glad you found a House that you are proud to be a part of, lovely! I agree that Rowling didn’t really put Hufflepuff across as a very great house, but if you read up about it then it’s actually pretty awesome <3

  2. I feel like Hufflepuff is completely underrated. I mean, think about real life. Who are the kinds of people you really want in your life? The ones you’re closest to? They’re people who are kind and there for you and who are good friends. At least for me. Like, I feel so blessed to have certain people in my life who are just genuinely good people. And I feel like, isn’t that kind of what Hufflepuffs are? They’re the people who care about others.

    But anyway, the tests don’t seem all that accurate if you ask me. The questions just seem really strange and random, at least they did the couple times I’ve taken it. I say that if someone reads about the house they were sorted into and feels like they really don’t fit there, then maybe the test got it wrong.

    I feel the houses just aren’t portrayed super great in the books in general though. When I first took the test, I didn’t even really know what the differences were. I got Ravenclaw and was kinda like… ok? But then I read about Ravenclaw and it just totally fit. So yay for house pride!

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