The Netflix Chronicles: Jane the Virgin (Seasons 1-2) Review


Over the past few months, I have been slowly watching Jane the Virgin. So, I thought for this week’s Netflix Chronicles, I can revisit the first two seasons in a review. Let’s start.

Meet Jane: About the story

To me, the premise of the story feels very close to my experience as a young Muslim. Except, it was more vague? Like, no one really talks about sex openly. Anyway, I identified with Jane’s dilemma, I suppose.

What started out as a simple idea for a story turned into an engaging and charming series of events. I just fell in love with the mystery underlying a romance, the coming of age tale of a young writer as well. All of these things were fantastic to watch.

The more common theme of a love triangle frustrated me often. For the record, I have always been #teamMichael. He was such a kind, goofy man, who knew Jane really well.

Also: the narrator is amazing. I love him.

meet the characters


Jane Gloriana Villanueva is easily one of the most relatable characters I had ever encountered. A woman of color, a writer, a hard working person, and totally sweet. She is a romantic at heart.

For a while, I thought she would get annoying as she struggled to find her right partner. However, she remained sweet and kind.


Ah, she drove me into a state of fury. Perhaps it is because I’m more of a Jane, but I got really upset with all her rash decisions. Still, she is a good mother, and daughter (eh, kind of). I am impressed with her development as someone looking for a career and for a place in the world.


Love him. He grows closer to Jane, and they start trusting each other. When they do that, their relationship flourishes and becomes quite beautiful. Still team Michael.


I mean…he is the spoiled rich boy who is trying to redeem himself. There are certainly some layers to his personality that I did not anticipate at all. Cancer, divorce, familial problems, identity. Also: the actor who plays Rafael is phenomenal as a person. I follow him on Instagram, and he constantly inspires me to strive to be a better person.


There are quite a few elements that make Petra a compelling “villain.” I grew to love her a lot, even when she did terrible things. Her development as a mother, daughter, and sister was stellar. She comes from such a rough background. It’s really hard not to empathize (at least for me).


Why is there not enough Luisa? I love her. My favorite mess of a human being reminds me of myself a bit too much. I don’t drink, but I still connected with her on a deep level.

The mystery

Sin Rostro and Mutter kept the story from getting too predictable. I am still not sure how it is going to work out now that I am on the third season. Listen, peeps, I just get thrown off by all the face changing surgeries going on.

Very invested in seeing how this is going to be resolved.


I’d recommend this show to anyone, really, especially friends who have anxiety. There isn’t any violence or scary moments on this show, and it is a fun time in general. Highly recommend it.



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