The Netflix Chronicles: Season 3 of the 100

It’s been a while since I did a Netflix Chronicles update. This particular one will focus on season 3 of the 100. My reason for taking too long to finish this season was because of its intensity. Poor characters, this was a rough ride.



After the demise of the Mount Weather peeps, Clarke is on the run. Dubbed Wanheda, a Commander of Death, various groups are searching for her. Including Lexa and the Grounders. Meanwhile, something shady is going with Jaha. I’m not bitter or anything about it.

(Yes, I am. He makes me so mad).

full circle

The season starts with the tension between Clarke and Lexa. You can only imagine my joy at seeing Lexa once more in the City of Light. I love her. She’s such a complex and sweet character. Definitely one of my favorites.

Furthermore, the distance between Monty and Jasper at the beginning of this season is addressed by the last few episodes. I can see Jasper’s light fading. It’s so sad.

I feel like Monty lost so much this season. From his mother, to his best friend, it is like things continue to beat him down. He is such a light for this group. *Everyone, let’s shield Monty from this crap world he lives in* Harper is kind of getting some more screen time, which is nice.

(Hopefully she doesn’t die, okay? Let Monty be happy with her. Jeez).


By far the most painful conflict to watch was twofold: Clarke vs. Bellamy, and Octavia vs. Bellamy. I surprisingly did not cry at what happens to Lincoln, which is weird. To tell you the truth, I was too stunned to react.

This tended to be the reaction I had to most of the season. Octavia hitting  Bellamy was such a real moment. I can’t even explain. To me, I imagined them to be really close. And, there’s a fracture there between them now.

Oh! Obviously the tension between Raven and Alie is AWESOME. Raven was pushed to the point of despair. Then, it led to Clarke vs. Alie, and the impending doom of the people on the ground was even more palpable.

Pike and Kane/Abby’s conflict continued to rage on; they were distracted enough to not notice Alie and Jaha (He makes me so mad) creating a whole network of zombie-like people.

favorite moments

All the Murphy and Ontari scenes were gold. He was essentially showcasing his tricks with her, and she was this aggressive, kill-happy person.

Raven resisting Alie with the recitation of The Raven while listening to loud music and exercising.

Speaking of Raven, listen, the whole scene with her chipping away at Bellamy, Clarke, and Jasper’s facade of contentedness was excellent.

All the Monty and Jasper scenes hurt so bad. Shay and Jasper broke my heart.

Flashback scenes with baby-faced cast were helpful to flesh out Pike’s character.


You should also know that I had to shush my squeal at seeing Lexa again. Seriously. I love her.

On that note, I’m going to wrap up this post, because I can gush for days.

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2 thoughts on “The Netflix Chronicles: Season 3 of the 100”

  1. You… didn’t cry… at Lincoln!?!? I have never NOT cried at Lincoln, and I have watched this at least a dozen times. I cry even HARDER when O hits the crap out of Bellamy and he lets her. Gah, that whole thing gutted me.

    Jasper IS sad, the whole thing is heartbreaking. Jaha… ugh, I’ll be interested to see what you think of S4 Jaha. I am actually not in the camp who hates him- I think he’s just made some lousy choices, but he genuinely has his people’s intentions at heart. But the whole ALIE storyline started to drive me bananas after awhile hah.

    I was so mad at Lexa after what she did to Clarke at Mt Weather, but I did really like how she made it up to Clarke in the end, and how their relationship progressed. And yeah, poor Monty had to kill his mom TWICE. How is that even a thing!?!? Have you started S4 yet!? It’s my faveeee!

    1. The way I see it, Lincoln has been suffering for three seasons and it was time he caught a break. I did tear up when Monty had to face his mom, and his scenes with Jasper were such a tough thing to watch.

      OMG, yes, I was so mad at Lexa. I was also extra mad at Bellamy, because he messed up on an epic scale (I love him, though, because he always goes big on the destruction front. It’s always impressive and devastating).

      I keep missing Finn, but that’s just me probably. JAHA. ARGH. He makes me mad. I’ll start season 4 over the weekend, perhaps? And, then we can scream at Jaha together.

      At least Murphy had TWO LADIES WHO LIKE HIM! *is happy* I guess life can be fair sometimes. He is awesome.

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