November 2017 Book Haul


Ah, yes, it is time for my monthly book haul. November 2017, I was lucky to haul five book. I cannot wait to share the titles with you. Let’s go! PS: As always, I’m so thankful for my mom, who buys me the books.

First in a Series:

Born Wicked—by Jessica Spotswood

This book suddenly became expensive, and I was so sad. Anyway, I managed to find it used. Everyone, join me in my prayers for it to be in good condition.

Timekeeper–by Tara Sim

Steampunk is still something of a mystery to me. This books was mentioned by Annemieke and Chiara, who have good taste in books in general. I am looking forward to this one. I hear there’s a sequel coming out in 2018. Maybe I can catch up just in time for it. Here’s hoping.

Stand-Alone Novels:

Turtles All the Way Down–by John Green.

Are you even surprised? John Green is like an essential part of my reading journey, so I am happy to read his newest novel. Granted, I waited a month to buy it, however, I am very much enthusiastic about reading it. Besides, it features a character with OCD. I have OCD!!

Wild Beauty–by Anna Marie McLemore

This person cannot do any wrong in my book. Currently, I am reading her The Weight of Feathers and adoring the characters so much. McLemore writes divine, deep, and dark stories that are still brimming with culture and folklore. I love her work so much.


Night Study—by Maria V. Snyder

For some bizarre reason, this book was expensive last month, and I couldn’t afford to squeeze it in my budget. In fact, it remained quite expensive until the night before my mom would order the books. Needless to say, I was very excited. Obviously, I have to catch up on the series now. This, by no means, is a task. It’s all fun, actually. I love this series.


That’s it for my November book haul! What did you get this month?

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