TBR for week 2 of November, 2017


I did not do a good job last week in terms of reading. So, I though maybe just trying a couple of different books could help me make my way through this cloud of depression. It’s more of a storm, but I am trying to make it out of this mess.

My to be read pile is in need of some serious trimming, and I feel like reading could help me cope with this funk a little better. Because of this, I am trying to be more ambitious this week.


contemporary love

Obviously, I have to read John Green’s latest novel entitled Turtles All the Way Down.  An ownvoices novel on OCD, it sounds like this one may be triggering at times. However, I think the way it deals with friendship may give me some solace. I love the way John Green crafts real and raw friendships in his books.

Plus, this book has been on some of the lists on here. It is time for a review and reflection.

steampunk stories

For week 2 of November, 2017, I have to add some steampunk into my TBR. In particular, I am going to try two series: 1) The Girl in the Steel Corset and 2) Rebel Mechanics. 

The latter series has gotten some okay reviews around the internet. I have the first two books in that series, so I am hopefully going to enjoy the way history is told in this series. Revolutions aren’t stuff that I have read about much, so this should be neat.

Oh, and the first series is often mentioned as a recommendation for those who love steampunk. I have the whole series on my shelf, ready to go.

Also: before I forget, I am still reading Something Strange and Deadly, which is steampunk (I believe). While I am not far in, it’s a nice read at this point.


I may read The Kiss of Deception, at some point this week, too. (Hey, I am dreaming out loud).

Your turn

What are you reading this week?


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