Readathon: Make Me Read It Readathon

I am a fan of readathons and connecting with others. So, when my buddy Ely posted about the Make Me Read It Readathon, I knew it’d be a fun idea. The readathon was created by Val and Ely. 


How it Works

Basically, the readathon is going to run from August 6th til the 13th. You can pick any format of books, whether you own it or borrow it from the library, and list all the options you have in a poll. Yes, this readathon involves YOU voting for what I should read for that week. Now, because I read two things per week, I will perhaps give you 4-5 options.



Which books should I read?

Graceling by Kristen Cashore
And I Darken by Kiersten White
The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury
Soulless by Gail Carriger
The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman


Looking forward to seeing what you pick! Also, I hope you participate with us in this event. That’d be lovely. If you are participating, remember to put your polls as soon as possible to give people a chance to vote!


PS: Happy Monday.




  1. This was a hard one to pick! I ended up going with the “The Sin Eater’s Daughter” because I would love to read a review of it. I am super excited to do this read-a-thon with you and looking forward to seeing what we read during it!

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