About Me: Reading Journey Since I Started (Book) Blogging

From what I recall, this website was started in mid-to-late September. I had started taking blogging more to heart, and putting a more serious effort with my reading and writing. Today, I am honoring this journey thus far. In other words, I am going to be talking about my reading journey since I started (book) blogging.

The beginning

Books were usually things I only read from school–libraries, and curriculum assigned stuff. But, my family and friends started gifting me book, and, before long, I started out buying books with pretty covers. These were the days before I had heard of BookTube or the blogging community.

Reading early on

For a while there, I was only reading books that I’d found on Goodreads. Mostly: I was reading the Percy Jackson series (and maybe the series after that, too: Heroes of Olympus) and Spiderwick Chronicles, The Mortal Instruments series, too. Some co-workers would recommend stories: Twilight, Wicked Lovely come to mind.

There were popular books I had hauled.  Obviously some of it was based on favorite authors: so, I got some Holly Black YA books, John Green books, and so on. Back then, I was not reading regularly, nor was I buying books frequently. Moreover, there was little discussion regarding my thoughts and feedback on what I read.

Book blogging

My book blogging journey started when I met Inge on Goodreads. She had posted a witty and funny comment that a mutual friend had liked and/or commented on. That’s how I stumbled on her blog with Aly (at the time, it was just the two of them). They were starting this shady spot on the Internet called OfWonderland.com (I’m joking. Their site is beautiful).

Through Inge, I met the coolest kids in town, who recommend books all the time. Through them, I started to learn more about diversity in literature and #ownvoices, which were once figments of my imagination as a woman of color who is bi-cultural.

some rules

So, right now, I have decreased the amount of books I ask for every month. In general, I have been trying to get at least one #ownvoices work per haul (this is a very new decision). For the most part, I still read some hyped books.

Goals and dropping some names

Right now, I am exploring some more LGBT+ authors. To be honest, my goal is to read more from trans authors, but I don’t know of a good place to start. I am also struggling to find aromantic asexual representation in young adult literature. The search continues.

At some point, I want to have read a little bit from across the globe. I have some work by people of color, but not enough. I certainly haven’t read and reviewed their work, which is something I’d like to work on as well.

Some historical fiction from a different, marginalized group is also pretty intriguing.

Finally, I am aiming to explore more disability in the books I read. So far, I haven’t read any fantastic disability representation.

In general, I am trying to read more diversely. So, if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments! I’d love to support #ownvoices authors more.

Your Turn:

How has your writing progressed since you started blogging and/or video blogging, bookstagram(ing)?



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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

3 thoughts on “About Me: Reading Journey Since I Started (Book) Blogging”

  1. Great to see how your journey has been. I think I have grown more in what I like and I am a bit more critical of some books than I would have been when I just started properly reviewing.

  2. Juno Dawson is an awesome transgender author who writes YA (including spoopy YA) and is a generally awesome human bean, so I rec. you check her out! 🙂 Some of her books are listed on some websites under the name of James Dawson, the name she was using when she wrote them.

  3. Have you read Peter Darling by Austin Chant? He’s trans, and the MC is trans. Alonso Munich is Now Dead by S. Gates is adult but has an asexual MC, and 27 Hours by Tristina Wright is YA and has a POV character who’s asexual, possibly aromantic from what I gathered, but it doesn’t actually say that. I’d actually love to see your opinion if you read them since I don’t know if the rep is actually good or not. And I have that list on my blog of SFF books with disability if you’re looking for that, but that doesn’t include mental illness if that’s what you’re looking for. Anyway, just some books you can look into 🙂

    It’s always interesting reading about people’s reading journeys, great post!

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