BT: The Sandwich Tag

I am sleepless and excited, so I thought I’d participate in a tag. Ely, from Tea and Titles, shared her responses in a video. Introducing the Sandwich Tag!

Alright, so the Sandwich Tag has a few questions regarding books in relation to sandwiches.


1. Peanut Butter & Jelly- A work that serves as a great introduction to a particular topic.

I am going rogue here and saying The Hobbit by Tolkien. It introduced a whole genre for me, because up until this book, I had not encountered fantasy in literature. I assumed that people have to read the classics and that anything else doesn’t exist.

2. Ham & Cheese- A working class work.

White Cat and the rest of the trilogy by Holly Black. Most of the novels I have are about people who are within the working class, I think, but I reckon this is different. This is about being in the outskirts of society. It is about crime and power. I love it. I read these books while in the hospital. So, they’re extra close.

3. Grilled Cheese- A great experimental writer.

I was a huge fan of T.S Eliot. Haven’t read his work since college, but I was rather attached to his The Waste Land. As a gesture, I passed it on to my younger sister when she graduated from high school.

4. Italian- A bestseller you feel people need to check out.

Princess Bride. I read the book before ever seeing the movie. It’s really good.


5. Turkey- A writer you cannot go wrong with.

Tahereh Mafi is probably my favorite writer. I love her and John Green the most.

6. Steak- A work that is subject to intense arguments.

English majors argue over all works. I remember my first paper being on Pride and Prejudice. So, I will go with that one.

7. Chicken Parm- The most fascinating topic you saw turn into a book.

Paradise Lost was probably my favorite retelling of a story I grew up with. The Sun is Also a Star was another really neat story about love, identity, and illegal immigration.

8. Tuna- A work you had low expectations about, but turned out being impressed by.

The Raven Boys. I am working my way through the series and I am just in awe. It is fantastically written. I resisted the Harry Potter series in high school and judged it intensely. I ended up writing my graduate thesis, a whole book on it.

9. BLT- A morning read.

Morning, what’s that? Seriously, though, probably Paper Towns or An Abundance of Katherines by John Green would make really good morning reads.

10. S’mores- A work you would read while camping.

I’d worry about the book getting dirty, to be honest.

11. Hero- An anthology filled with all-star writers.

I had some anthologies for college. But,  I was torn between dark romanticism and transcendentalism.

12. Dagwood- The largest, most intimidating book you read.

Moby Dick was a book I had to read over a couple of weeks. It was such a daunting experience and yet it became one of my favorites. I am not sure where my copy went, but I was so enamored with Ahab and the crew. I don’t even like ships. I get seasick.

13. Favorite- What’s your favorite sandwich?

I like veggie burritos. Does that count? I also like avocado sandwiches. Peanut butter and jelly. I am not an amazing cook, so I like simple things.

14. Platter- Who do you tag?

Annemieke, Shannon, and Cee Arr.  And, anyone who wants to do this, obviously!

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