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I am very much inspired by Gala Darling’s Carousel feature, where she highlights her favorite things of the week with her readers. In no way am I as cool as Gala. However, my Treasure Chest segment is a way for me to branch out and experience things that are not necessarily book-related (but still very meaningful to me).

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Absolute Jewel of my Week’s Treasure Chest

Part of the beauty of being a migrant involves finding out about the treasures of your new home. The US has a wonderful history filled with incredible people, among them is my new crush: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who is an absolute treasure.

Because I am not native to the United States, it took a while for me to learn about key figures in the country. I have sporadically stumbled on Bader Ginsberg’s influence in politics. Felicity Jones is set to embody this super amazing woman in the film On the Basis of Sex. 

This trailer propelled me into Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s videos online. I am still learning about her, in general. Stephen Colbert has this video with her that I absolutely treasure. **extra fun bit starts at 04:05

Nerd Culture Discussions Treasure

While I have never cosplayed before, I have known people who were very much into it. To me, it was a celebration of fandom and creativity. Still, there is quite a bit of stigma around cosplaying if you are not within a certain body type/weight, race, or gender. Hannah White’s piece on cosplaying was timely as Comic-Con news is sprinkled throughout the Internet. There’s intense coverage of only provocatively-dressed thin white men/ women every year around the Comic-Con starts.

I have seen this a bit in fandom; people try to cast white characters as people of color, and then they get slammed for doing this. Maybe one day I’ll be able to articulate how fundamental this is for minorities. I have always cast characters in experiences or settings close to my own. It’s a coping mechanism because there is such a dismal amount of representation for people like me.

And, I can only imagine how it’s like for someone who is visibly quite different than what is typically hailed as “beautiful” or “worthy” of being a (lead) character in a story.

Let’s make fandom inclusive, gosh dang it.

Stop Wiring our Mouths Shut: ‘Insatiable’ Trailer Reaction on the Mary-Sue is Pure Gold Treasure

Insatiable, a supposed revenge “comedy” on Netflix, had its trailer finally pop on the Internet. Chelsea Steiner takes on the trailer as it includes the revenge of the (former) fat girl trope. Ugh, I love Steiner’s response to this trailer.

A treasured moment from this article:

Can we issue a moratorium on skinny actresses in fat suits? Especially when they’re usually played for laughs or as the butt of a joke? Would it be so shocking to cast, I don’t know, AN ACTUAL FAT PERSON to play a fat person? It’s 2018. There are plenty of talented plus-size actors out there. Sidebar: if Scarlett Johansson’s next role is as a fat person, I will lose my goddamn mind.

Finally, I want to share a podcast that brought me so much joy and excitement.

Beauty, Make UP, and Feminism: Treasured Conversation of the Week

Unladylike is one of my favorite podcasts ever and yet the hosts surprised me with this live episode. It had great guests who were hilarious and unapologetically feminist. So good. The discussion centers around beauty and politics, gender, race, and much more.

Give it a listen here. 

Mental Health Questions

I want to end with this post because Jen Gotch is fantastic. She shares her questions for when things are destructive and she needs to guide herself back to self-care. I want to write more on this topic but I am still mulling things over.



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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

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