The Spotify Playlist Project: The 100, Season 2

Welcome to another round of the Spotify Playlist Project here. This time, I’ll be focusing on The 100, season 2. It is a season of brutal conflict between many different societies of humans. There is sacrifice, loss, love. I hope you enjoy my choices. Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

The 100 (What’s Left of Them) Is Back!

Opening Tracks: “Numb/Encore” by Linkin Park and Jay Z comes to mind. “Look what you made me do,” reminds me of Finn. The numbness definitely is also present in Clarke as well as she unveils the reality of Mount Weather. Oh, yes, I also included “Animal I Have Become” by Three Day Grace and”Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, because someone goes into a violent outburst.

Octavia and Indra: “In For the Kill” (Skrillex Remix) by La Roux, and “Raise Your Weapon,” by deadmau5. Accurate choice is accurate! Octavia has to make some serious choices in this season, and she takes a route that is unconventional. She has a lot of fight scenes that I absolutely loved. *Hint: Dina really likes Octavia, okay?

Mount Weather (Wither) 

General Theme: “Illuminated” by Hurts. A double entendre is at play here. On the one hand, the population of Mount Weather see themselves as rather illuminated. The other interpretation is the awakening the 47 experience through Clarke’s disappearance.

Clarke and Lexa:

“Human” by Rag’n Bone Man is kind of my theme song for Clarke (and sometimes Bellamy, too). I included this song in season 1’s playlist, and it continues to be deeply connected to Clarke’s character this time around as well. There is a lot of tension surrounding her as a leader.

“What If” by Safety Suit marks the conflict between these two awesome ladies. The things they want are very different. Particularly that surprise towards the end of the season.


I used a kind of different font just to signify how much I love this guy. He’s separate from many people. Admittedly, I also feel bad for him, because his luck is awful. 

Oh, “Hunger” by Ross Copperman also works on many levels. First, it’s about his relationship with the Mount Weather people. Then, to me, he will always have a connection with Octavia. And, obviously, there’s the longing to belong while maintaining peace between the Grounders and the Sky People.

The 47

“Battle Scars” by Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian is becoming the anthem of this group of peeps. In particular, Clarke, Jasper, and Monty. I have a feeling they’ll continue to be related to that song in later seasons.

Cruel joke: “How to Save a Life” by the Fray is very much about Jasper and his relationship with Dante Wallace. Oh yeah, I went there: to the relationship between the 47 and Mountain Men.

Being blunt (another joke): “Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons.

I’m sorry. (Not, I am really not).


“Jealous” by Labrinth and “I Need My Girl” by The National are the beginnings of what I felt for Finn along the way to the big thing that happens. “Stay” by Rhianna coupled with “Strange Birds” by Birdy are related to said thing. 

“Thanks, Princess.”



I am sadly sometimes falling into a ship no one seems to have: Murphy AND BELLAMY!! (I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that). The writers will drag out the Bellarke path, I can just tell.

So, anyway, “idfc” by Blackbear is totally him. And, a little “Die Trying” by Michl with him and Jaha.

Bellamy (and Clarke?):

“I’ll Find You” By Lecrae and Tori Kelly and “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron are perfect fits for Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship in this season (and toward the 47 for sure).

Finally, for the whole season: “Strange Birds” by Birdy. 



2 thoughts on “The Spotify Playlist Project: The 100, Season 2”

  1. Looooove your picks! I should share my list too, I am doing a music-related The 100 post this month, so I think that would work, throw that in there with a link to your posts! Perfect 😀 I oddly LOVE the idea of Look What You Made Me Do for Finn? Because… even as tongue-in-cheek as it all is, it fits SO WELL. Even the “old Finn is dead” part because he is SO savage at times.

    Human is a GOOD ONE! I love that choice. It also works REALLY well for the beginning of Season 3 and Bellamy, so you’re so on point 😀

    You aren’t the only Murphamy shipper but… I really, really don’t see it happening, sorry. Bromance though? Bromance is good! I like How to Save a Life for Jasper/Dante, but also for Finn’s story in general. I might need to add that and LWYMMD to my playlist!

    Okay I am listening, I shall tell you my faves! Wowww Animal I’ve Become is REALLY perfect- I can just see his desperation, and the aftermath, gahhh. Raise Your Weapon is SO fabulous, I hadn’t heard that one but YES. I love Hunger for Lincoln, it sounds so perfect- like, strong but not savage. Adore. Battle Scars for The 47, YESSSS. I love it! Jealous is beautiful, such an amazing choice. I am laughing wayyy too hard at Bleeding Out too! Ends of the Earth is definitely a great Bellarke choice.

    And holy crap, Strange Birds is PERFECT. Like so perfect I want to make a video edit of it. You seriously did AMAZING with these! I am so impressed. And I also enjoy your taste in music clearly hahah

    1. SHANNON,
      YES to “Look What You Made Me Do” for Finn. I’m still in shock about him. His development make sense, but it is so sad. I’m missing him a lot, our Space-walker. LOL. I totally know that Murphamy won’t ever be canon. I just like how many times Bellamy tells Murphy to shut up. And, like, the actors are sweet together. Loving the two characters, too. Bellarke is LIFE though. I am so glad you liked my playlist. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR LIST!!

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