Stumbling into October with a Week 2 TBR Pile

I haven’t been able to post on my blog for most of September. The world has not been great in that month (and in October as well). But, I am trying to pick up the pieces and try to organize my days a little more, even if all I want to do is sleep. Here is my TBR pile for Week 2 of October 2018.

TBR Pile Part 1: Because I am Stubborn

I started reading the 5th Wave way back in September and I disliked every second of it. It remains unclear if I dislike it because it is depressing or because I was/am in a bad headspace. Nevertheless, I intend on giving it more time to see if I can get invested in the story.

The other thing that I was reading was the second book in the Cairo trilogy by Naguib Mahfouz. I am not in too much of a hurry to read this one this week. Look at me trying to limit the unpleasant things I put myself through.

TBR Pile Part 2: Dreamy Halloween Spirit

Picking up Shiver’s sequel this week sounds like a nice idea. I do like Stiefvater’s writing, especially in this series because it is cuter and sweeter than her other books.

I may pick up Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, which would be my final unread book by him that is on my shelves. His adult stuff doesn’t sound like my jam. However, I am still interested in this middle-grade story.

TBR Pile Part 3: Who You Going to Call?

I need to pick up a mystery novel this week as well because I have been craving stories like that. Gail Carriger’s Changeless will be light and engaging. Judging by how much I enjoyed the first book in this series, I have high hopes.

TBR Pile Part 4: Miscellaneous 

I have a couple of possibilities if I do well with these books. I may read Projedy by Marie Lu. The other option is to read some of my grammar books.


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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

One thought on “Stumbling into October with a Week 2 TBR Pile”

  1. LOL I can so relate about the slump/negative headspace. I’ve been currently reading like 11 books because of the same reasons. I have DNFed quite a good chunk of them because I just can’t even. Just like that. It’s my life, I do what I want xD hahaha. I used to be a true non-DNFer, but I guess people change.

    I really do recommend some of Neil Gaiman’s adult stuff though! I didn’t feel like it was that much of a big jump from his middle grade stuff. Still really good! Just maybe a little darker, but definitely the same vibe. At least try Neverwhere.

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