T5W: Top 5 Science Fiction and Fantasy Covers

Top 5 Wednesday (T5W) is a Goodreads Group where we discuss topics about books. The link to this awesome place will be included right here. This week, we are discussing our Top 5 Science Fiction and Fantasy Covers. As a genuine attempt to get more excited about the books I have, I want to make this list focused on some of my unread books.

Let’s go!

5. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

For some reason, when I first saw this book, I was kind of terrified. I am easily scared, and I don’t like horror. But, I have seen the movie and it was nice. I like the characters, and the fantastical world Riggs creates in these books.


4. The Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Well. I’ll be honest: I heard this is fantasy/magical realism and that it is charming. So, I got it. But, other than that, I don’t know much about it.


3. A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

This cover is just love for me. I am fascinated by magic, particularly when set against very high stakes. The Chosen One narrative is one to be messed with, I believe, because, well…why not? It’s about time we start offering stories that test themes we have had for so long in fiction. This book just sounds like fun.


2. Anything Cinda Williams Chima, especially Flamecaster 

Have I discussed how, a while ago, Cinda Williams Chima talked to me on Twitter? She was the nicest and most patient person ever, and so I got the courage to gather her books ever since. Much excitement to experience her writing.

   1.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This book will kill me. I just know it. It’s kind of daunting, I admit. From what I have heard, there’s different points of view and time lines in the story. And, that scares me, because, yo I am just here to have a good time. But, I am also here to learn new things and experience incredible writing. And, this book is apparently written well. Also: the cover is gorgeous.


Your Turn

What are some of the best covers of fantasy and science fiction books on your TBR? Share them in comments!

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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

6 thoughts on “T5W: Top 5 Science Fiction and Fantasy Covers”

    1. I need to dedicate a month for magical realism stuff, and THEN, I’d attack the Night Circus. *dreams* Yeah, that would be really nice, because I have been intimidated by it for years now, too.

  1. Oooh the Miss Peregrine covers are so deliciously creepy, I adore! And A Shadow Bright and Burning is SO pretty! Have you seen the UK Bone Gap? LOOOOOVE. So much love. Honestly, sci-fi and fantasy always have THE best covers, Idk how I would even narrow it down, I am impressed that you made it to 5, I’d have like… 283 😉 Love your picks!

  2. I haven’t read any of the books on this list, but I own Miss Peregrine’s, and The Night Circus, both of which really do have awesome covers. I have heard SO many amazing things about The Night Circus that I am actually a little scared to read it. Everyone tells me that I’ll love it, and usually when that happens I don’t love it D: But it really does seem like a book I’d enjoy, so here’s to hoping.

    As for lovely SF/F coves, the cover for These Broken Stars will always be a fave, but my all time favourite cover is that of Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier <3 It's also my favourite book!

  3. I really need to read the Miss Peregrine’s sequels – I enjoyed the 1st one so much! I think it helped that it was set in Wales and was so respectful and understanding of the setting and culture, while also being original! 🙂 Plus the film was clearly filmed in Wales – I was watching it like *gasping face* ‘That’s my Wales!!!!!’ down to the bilingual pub signs! XD

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