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Digging Graves and Other Burrows: A Chaos Walking Review

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If you thought The Knife of Never Letting Go had tough sacrifices in it, you are in for a tumultuous and tantalizing experience in its sequel. Below, I share my woes as I process the next installment of Viola and Todd’s journey.

WARNING: some spoilers for The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and the Answer. Read at your own discretion.

The Premise of Patrick Ness’ The Ask and the Answer

In typical middle-book fashion, miscommunication dominates The Ask and the Answer. Viola and Todd continue to be part of a devastating conflict. Haunted by the events of the previous book, Todd is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Viola. Todd must work with Mayor Prentiss, who has gained more political power. Withholding vital information about Viola, Prentiss corners Todd into total cooperation. As a reward, he tells Todd that he’ll keep Viola safe.

In this book, Todd works under the direction of Davy Prentiss Jr. As such, readers can expect to see a closer look of Davy Prentiss Jr. Readers are up for a heartwrenching conflict between various groups. Like Todd, Viola is an unwilling participant in a group attempting to gain political control. Warring adults battle each other to gain control of this town. Citizens are trampled. New arrivals are on the horizon as the countdown ticks for spaceships landing.

 Will Todd and Viola find each other again? Can they make peace between the Ask and the Answer?  
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Barking Mad: Patrick Ness’ “Chaos Walking” Strikes a Chord

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Patrick Ness thought of two ideas when he created the Chaos Walking trilogy. First, he thought of information overload. Then, he considered the idea of hearing a dog’s thoughts. The result is agonizing sweetness and thoughtful exploration of humanity. As readers often note, there is a tragic event that takes place in the first Chaos Walking book. I will refrain from spoiling the details of this incident. However, the story remains powerful in its chilling examination of social media oversaturation, censorship, and the conflation of masculinity and its toxic image within Prentisstown.

Hear Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking Pitch

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