Christmas at Hogwarts: A Readathon to Revive My Reading Life

Christmas with Someone who Doesn’t Celebrate Christmas

As a Muslim, I don’t really celebrate Christmas. Never have. Sure, I had college friends show me their trees and some even attempted to show me Christmas movies. It all looks pretty and stuff, but it’s not something I am interested in celebrating, personally. 

What I find most beautiful about this season is that it provides me with some time around my family and around myself. It serves as an opportunity to pray for myself and others (more than usual) and to re-center my focus.

Speaking of focus, I have to hand it to Book Roast, who creates the coolest readathons out there. Not only does she tap into traditional young adult literature lore, but she also uses prompts that facilitate possibilities to expand one’s reading options.

All in all, this readathon just sounds like a fun time. It’ll be a challenge because I am easily distracted. Plus, I haven’t been reading as steadily as I once did. Let’s do this! 

Christmas at Hogwarts Readathon Challenge 1: Finish Your Course-work. Finish Your Current Read!

There are two books that I am supposed to be reading right now. First, Cassandra Clare’s behemoth Queen of Air and Darkness is one that I have been reading steadily (kind of). Clare is one of my absolute favorites and she never fails to keep my interest. Given that I don’t have to necessarily wrap up the book (according to Book Roast’s video!), I do want to continue my slow pace read of this finale. The other one is V.E. Schwab’s Vengeful. Perhaps I can squeeze it in some other challenge. For now, Clare’s novel takes precedence (no offense, Schwab. You are awesome, too).   

Christmas at Hogwarts Readathon Challenge 2 2: Help Hagrid Decorate the Trees. A Book with Gold Detailing.

Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi is the sequel to Old Man’s War. It was a surprising book through which the author was able to weave humor with sci-fi and some cool friendships. I am eager to read this one!

Christmas at Hogwarts Readathon Challenge 3: Visit the Three Broomsticks. Read a Book in a Day.

I am on the hunt for some manga from the library to satisfy this challenge. The top contender is Sailor Moon. Let’s be honest, though, I am not used to reading manga. To accommodate this fact, I am not going to necessarily be able to finish it within a day. Also: let’s be real. I probably wouldn’t be able to read all day (well…it depends).

Christmas at Hogwarts Readathon Challenge 4: Exchange Gifts in the Common Room. Read a Book Featuring/About  Friendship.

It is rumored that Anne of Green Gables has some focus on friendships. This book is one with such a strong cultural value. I have not read it before but I really want to.

Christmas at Hogwarts Readathon Challenge 5: Fly Around Snowy Hogwarts Grounds. Read a Book with A Building on Its Cover.

For this one, I have two options. The first one is Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. The other one is The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron. Oh, and another possibility is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Help me decide! I’ll put up a poll on Twitter, perhaps? (But, let’s be frank: the odds of me getting to this point are not looking so good).

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