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For this week’s Top 10 Tuesday, we get a freebie. So, I am tackling a topic that I have been thinking about for ages. Basically, I want to tell you about series that I am curiously eyeing.

10. Maximum Ride by James Patterson

James Patterson has been coming up a lot in my book searches. He is introducing a lot of writers. The author of Gunslinger Girl, and the author of Stalking Jack the Ripper, too, they are both published with that kind of heading on their books. So, this peaked my interest and, lo, and behold, I have seen a bunch of books written by him on the ThriftBooks site.

I have noticed that there is a movie of the first book in that series up on Netflix. For now, I am keeping the first book on my wish list.

9. Discworld by Terry Pratchett

I have no clue what this series is about, but my friend Annemieke is a fan of it. The covers give me the impression that these books would be quick reads. It just seems like a lot of books and that scares me a bit because part of the joy of reading is when things wrap up. I like when things end. It’s comforting.

8. N.k. Jemisin’s The Inheritance trilogy

Jemisin’s work keeps popping up all over the Internet. My friend Emily has recently also told me that she’s read this author’s work too. And, if anyone reads cool books, it’d be Emily.

7. Fallen by Lauren Kate

A lot of people make fun of these books, but I am embracing my love for paranormal young adult literature. I am just here for this, okay? I am hoping to get the first book in the series at some point this year because I actually find it really compelling and interesting. Luce and Daniel are fascinating, and they have such an intense bond. Sure, they start off kind of mean to each other but it’s the best when there’s all this history between two people.

6. Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Okay. This one is complicated. Or, maybe not. Here is the deal. After finishing my first Gail Carriger novel, this one came up on Goodreads as a recommendation. I fell in love with the cover, and, besides, I found out this novel is a steampunk story, which made me even more interested. Look at that cover, though!

5. The Magician’s Guide by Trudi Canavan

My friend Jolien is fond of this series and for good reason. A woman entering into the world of magicians in an epic high fantasy series? I find this premise amazing particularly because of the long history of men dominating the high fantasy leagues. It’ll be nice to see a female writer tackle such a vast genre.

4. Robin hobb’s books

Jolien kind of loves the Fool in this series of trilogies. I am interested in reading high fantasy novels that feature complex characters. Just the idea of a Fool character is promising because the jester-type of archetype can be a nice thing to mess with.

3. Ryan Graudin

I have been eyeing Wolf by Wolf for a while now, and I just keep hesitating because I am not a history buff at all. In fact, if I am being honest with you, I am not that good at keeping timelines of events. Thus, my hesitation blooms quite a bit as I see mostly history fans talking about this author’s work.

2. Michael J. Sullivan books

I like friendships and adventures. But I have not met my match for fair portrayals of male friendships. To an extent, Locke Lamora had an interesting central friendship, however, I remain uncertain about Sullivan’s books because, for some reason, this genre can be a bit too…over the top in terms of human relationships. I want honest and real friendships that feature men. Can I just get that, please?

 1. Kate Elliot’s books

Ever get an author’s work recommended in multiple spots? This is what happened with Kate Elliott. The funny thing is that I know nothing about her stuff. What does she write? And, why is it being recommended to me? No clue. But, I am curious to find out.


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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Book Series I am Curious About”

  1. OMG YES READ THE INHERITANCE TRILOGY, DINA! I found the first book in an op shop years sgo and fell head over heels in love with it when I read it. The sequels are set in the same world but don’t follow the same characters so they’re kind of like companion novels. Ah, they are just soooo good. I hope you read the series! And that you like it as much as I did 😀

    I’ve always been interested in that Masque book, too. I think I may have taken it off my TBR when I did my cull late last year, though? I’m not entirely sure. But if you think I should read it, cause you know I love steampunk, then let me know!

    As for Fallen, I really did like the series in high school. Especially the first book! I just didn’t love them because Luce didn’t end up with who I wanted her to, haha.

  2. Discworld wraps up each story on its own so in that sense I think you could get into that series easily. The arcs are mostly just so you read the books of that specific character/group in order of time.

  3. I agree with Annemieke, the Discworld books wrap themselves up nicely. The Tiffany Aching arc, which Annemieke and I buddy read together, is only five books so that’s not too bad compared to thinking about reading all 30+ books in the series. Ha ha. 📚

    I loved and adored Masque of the Red Death! I have both books in hardcover, but I haven’t gotten to the sequel yet. 💜

    I don’t like World War book settings and I hate alternate history books, so I didn’t read Ryan’s Wolf by Wolf books, but I did read her book, The Walled City, and I LOVED IT! It’s dystopic and it’s based on a real walled city in Hong Kong. You might like that one better. 👍

    I am thinking that I need to read some Robin Hobb myself. ☺

    1. La La! I think I’ll try to get a copy of The Masque of the Red Death soon because it sounds so much fun. I cannot wait to read it! How would you describe the Discworld books? I have added them to my wish list. Hope I can pick them up at some point, too.

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