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It is time for another Top Ten Tuesday, a meme run by the lovely folks over at Broke and Bookish. This week, the topic is our top 10 bookish settings we’d like to visit. Warning, though, some of these settings are real places. I just want the journey there to be with certain characters from books. Ready? Let’s go.

10. the spiritual/fairy realm in a great and terrible beauty by libba bray

For whatever reason, this story has stuck with me since the early 2010’s. I remember the girls transforming into brilliant, strong, and empowered women in this realm they’d go to. I’d like to be there, explore my identity in such a seemingly idealistic setting.

9. prague–daughter of smoke and bone by laini taylor

I have read snippets of this first book. Even after many years, I still remember this setting, and the shop with the teeth. Karou and her blue hair, her family, and the beautiful world she lives in (even if it is a huge responsibility to be able to cross worlds like this). First, I plan to read the series. But, then, I’ll wait for Karou to show up, and perhaps she can introduce me (or at least put a good word in for me).

8. sitia–poison study by maria v. snyder

While I think the writing and development of this series is a bit weak, I do love Yelena and her journey to belong. Like, Ixia was a scary and dangerous place, and, in comparison, Sitia is so nice. I just like her family a lot (still trying to warm up to Leif). Jungles, and climbing, colorful clothes, and snake charming. I like it a lot. I doubt I’d survive, but maybe I can just sit with her mom while she makes perfumes.


7. Lara Jean’s home–To All the Boys I Loved Before by jenny han

Lara Jean is someone I really love. For a long time, I was embarrassed of that, because I am “too old” to connect with such an immature character. But, I love her family, and her world sounds so endearing. I’d like to have sisters to bake with, write sweet letters, be surrounded with pink stationary and pastel walls. Yep. Sounds like heaven.

6. paris– anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins

There is something really cute and sweet about this story’s setting. I don’t want to just go to Paris. I want to be there with Anna and St. Claire. Again, a lot of people have mentioned that the love story here is based on cheating. I acknowledge this point. However, I do adore these characters, their journey across Paris and into each others’ hearts.

5. 300 Fox Way–the raven boys by maggie stiefvater

I’d like to hug Blue, and maybe sit with her while she eats her yogurt. Maybe her mom can hang out with us and we’d talk about spirituality and meditation. I can share some essential oils, and we can sit by the candles while Blue and her cousin argue. And, every once in a while, I can interrupt and disrespect Blue’s cousin, because she enrages me quite often.

4. the burrow–harry potter and the chamber of secrets by jk rowling

Part of my need to visit the Weasleys lies in my feelings towards the family (but not Ginny). Ron and his family are delightful and warm, kind, sweet, and very real. I find them to be brave and quirky, honest and loving the Muggle peeps like me. Besides, I have a feeling that Molly Weasley gives nice hugs.

3.furthermore–furthermore by tahereh mafi

This is surprising, because I am not that much of an Alice in Wonderland fan. Still, this world is so colorful, bizarre, and bewildering. It sounds like a scary and fun time (all rolled into one). I don’t know what kind of person I’d be in that world, but I would like to visit anyway.

2.small town–since you’ve been gone by morgan matson

Bike rides, swimming, ice cream, and to do lists of adventures: that’s the kind of setting I like. In other words, I love the open fields with Emily running with Frank. I like the gymnastics place where she picks up her brother. Everything about their little town sounds so charming and peaceful. So, I would like to go there.

 1. new york– the sun is also a star by nicola yoon

So, New York is vast and scary to me. I know my anxiety would’ve flared a lot had I ever set foot in there. But, I think with the two main characters, I could be (mostly) okay. We can go to museums, have dinner, maybe sing horrible karaoke. Furthermore, we can smash stereotypes, and laugh a lot, hug each other, have a wonderful time together.

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  1. This is such a cool post! There are so many bookish places I’d love to visit…. HOGWARTS, of course!! But there are so many other fantasy worlds that I would love to spend a couple of days in…

  2. YES! Being an honorary Weasley and visiting the Burrow would be so, so fun! (Or any setting from the Harry Potter books really.) xD And I’d love to visit Paris or Prague too. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

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