Top 10 Books I Can’t Wait to Get to in 2018

Welcome to Top 10 Tuesday. This week, the topic for my list is the Top 10 Books I Can’t Wait to Get to in 2018. As always, here is a link to the Broke and the Bookish, the folks who created Top 10 Tuesday.

Basically, in the upcoming year, I want to make a dent on the series that I have.

10. cinder by marissa Meyer

I know, I’m way behind on this train. Whenever I see mood boards inspired by the characters in this series, I feel things. No matter how often I see quotes from it, I get hopeful. So, my hope is that I read this series before the spring of 2018. Or at least start it by then.

9. the young elites by marie lu

Villains or anti-heroes are my jam. This is a story of a character descending (or ascending, it’s all about perspective) into villainy. I’m here for this, gosh darn it. I have high hopes for this trilogy.

8. gemina by amie kaufman and jay kristoff

I enjoyed the first book in this series, and I am going to move into Gemina land some time before Obsidio is out. I hope the new cast of characters is easy to like, just as Ezra and Kady were pleasant and humorous. What will AIDAN do this time?

7. caraval by stephanie garber

Judging by the polarized reviews about Caraval and The Night Circus, I am thinking of tackling this novel first. It sounds like it is easier to digest because it is not as hard to follow (so I have gathered, anyway). Besides, I am nervous about Night Circus because Julie and Sam were saying that it is a lot like Uprooted in terms of style.

And I did not like Uprooted. 


6. Strange the dreamer by laini taylor

I have her other trilogy, but I am going to slowly get through her books. Right now, I am thinking of starting with this book first. But, it’s also on my mind to try reading Karou’s story first, since I have read some of it before. Either way, I am going to read Laini Taylor’s work, gosh dang it.

5. cinda williams chima

I know. I keep mentioning that I want to read her stuff, but then I don’t follow through. 2018 is going to be the year I catch up on her stuff.

Speaking of which.

4. brandon sanderson

Listen. He broke my heart in one book. This is why I am hesitating, but I will try to get back into his stuff once more. His stories are good. I just need to gather up the courage to do this.

3. neil gaiman

You know, the usual. I have some of his books, and I need to keep reading his work, because, dang. He is talented and he paints the most alluring yet haunting images in his stories. Heartbreak while in awe sounds like a perfect way to spend my time in 2018.

2.gail carriger

I have been collecting her books used for a while now, and I need to give her a shot. She just sounds like the cutest writer and her work seems charming and sweet. I am intrigued.

 1. rae carson

I have only read one of her books, and I had mixed feelings about it. But, I got her other books fairly cheap. I’m somewhat intimidated by her, however, I want to continue.

And all the trilogies that I have are also on my most exciting things to get through in 2018.

what about you?


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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Books I Can’t Wait to Get to in 2018”

  1. I haven’t read Cinder either 🙂 so you’re not THAT behind 😀 I am not planning to read it though… Just don’t know why. Probably hype allergy 😀 *sneeze!*

    But I definitely say YES to GEMINA 🙂 very very much so yes!

    And yes to Neil Gaiman!!!

    Seems like a great list 🙂 have fun next year! I would say my resolutions could be more based in backlist books that I already have… And to read less ARC stuff, new books. I want to just read all that good stuff I bought and have wanted to read for ages.

    Here’s to a great 2018 🙂

    P.S. Your blog always thinks I’m spam. I need to submit the comment 5 times with different arrangements of my name or address xD

  2. I was very dissapointed with The Young Elites so I hope you will like it better than I did.
    I wouldn’t nessecarily say that Uprooted and Night Circus are very similar. It does take a while to set up though and is slow. But it has great prose.

  3. Cinder, Gemina and The Young Elites are three of my favorite books so I can’t wait to see what you think of them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! <3

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