Top 5 Problematic Favorite Characters


Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday. Here’s a link to the Goodreads group so you can follow along with topics and such. This week, the topic is about problematic favorite characters.

5. Looking for alaska by john green

I will always love Alaska Young, even though I do acknowledge that she is a bit of a manic pixie dream girl. Often, I find myself thinking of her, more than Pudge and the gang. Incidentally, I read this book at least six or seven years ago, and haven’t reread it since. That is a testament to how memorable Alaska is. “The only way out is through.”

4. Eleanor and park by rainbow rowell

A lot of people dislike how Park is portrayed in this book. I do think this, though: he and Eleanor broke my heart on such an epic level. Like Alaska, I find myself really drawn to them because of their social awkwardness. Also, I felt like Eleanor’s family situation was borderline triggering at times. She reminds me of my own experience with abusive family dynamics and, for that I connected with her a lot.

3. the falconer by elizabeth may

Gavin, the dude who stole my heart even more than Kiaran, did something horrible in book 2. Yet, I found myself still sympathetic towards him. Maybe it is because he was such a close friend to the main character? I am not sure. I just love him, even after the end of the final book, I still love him so much.

2. anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins

I read this trilogy of companion novels a long time ago, and I noticed recently that people have problems with it. Mainly, the issue is that the endgame couple starts their relationship based on cheating. So, at first, I put the books away in shame because, oh my god, I didn’t even remember this fact. But, I put them back on my shelves, because I love them and I recognize that they are problematic.

 1. poison study by maria v. snyder

Look, this person is mentioned as a part of the LGBT+ community, but it’s not explored or explained. And, it makes me mad that this person was not given enough exposition. I love these books, but this is something I want more of.

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