Top 5 Wednesday: Five Book Categories I Did Not Get To in 2017



Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday. In this week’s edition, I will cheat (as usual) and discuss book categories (with examples) rather than only five examples. Here, I will talk about the Five Book Categories I Did Not Get To in 2017.

5. Big book series

Listen, I am still a fetus reader in some ways, because I get genuinely intimidated by big books that aren’t Harry Potter. For instance, I had only read the first book of the Mistborn series. The silly part is that I enjoyed it. However, it remains daunting. Another example is Illuminae, which I only read towards the very end of the year. Name of the Wind also comes to mind.

4. big series, not necessarily big books

The Bone Season series, The Legacy of Kings series, and even shorter series set in the same world by Cinda Williams Chima are examples of this epic fail on my part. Again, I worry that I will get bored of the same world, as if you have to read all the books back to back. (My thought process is very complex, okay…Okay, yes, it is not that complex).

3. slower paced books

I think that, with the right attitude, I can enjoy a lot of books. Yet, I tend to hesitate if the story is kind of slow. For example, all Anna-Marie McLemore books had a certain flowery slow paced story lines. Don’t be fooled. I loved every single book of hers. So, who’s to say that I won’t enjoy Laini Taylor’s writing? (She’s one of the main authors I am intimidated by).  Rae Carson is another author I am genuinely afraid of her pacing because when I read the first book of hers, I struggled so much.

2. complicated fantasy worlds

Again with the Cinda Williams Chima books and the Brandon Sanderson stories. Sometimes, the pacing drags, and the magic system is complicated, with the occasional surprise thing that happens when you are not paying attention.

 1. multiple perspectives

Ahh. (Sorry, I have to scream for a bit, because I get scared of multiple perspectives in novels). What if I can’t tell the voices apart? Furthermore, what if I hate all the perspectives and want a minor character to be the one narrating the stuff in the story? This mainly scares me when it comes to Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes (everyone seems to hate Lucia).


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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Five Book Categories I Did Not Get To in 2017”

  1. Long series and big books can be scary and quite the commitment. But like you said, you don’t have to read them back to back. And who even says you HAVE to finish series within a certain amount of time anyway? If you are happier spreading things out over a longer time that is okay too. 🙂 As long as you enjoy the act of reading.

  2. I totally agree that all of these are intimidating sometimes except for the last because I like multiple POVs, for the most part. I feel like big books never stop being intimidating just because they take so much time and also I don’t like to DNF, so that means I’ll have to slog through A LOT if I don’t like it. And long series are even worse. As much as I love series, I usually am ready for them to end eventually, and too many books might make me kind of tired of it, even if I spread them out. But also, the money! If a series already has like 10 books out at $5.99 each or something, I just can’t afford it. As for slow pace and complex fantasy, I just kind of have to be in the right mood and not be going through a phase where I’m really having extra trouble concentrating. So I don’t blame you for not getting to these kinds of books!

  3. Don’t let books intimidate you! (I know, I know, easier said than done.)

    If you start a book and decide to go back to it another time, or read it slowly, or give up on it entirely – THAT IS UP TO YOU!!!! Ok? And you rock, regardless. I promise. XD

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