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Hello! Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This a Goodreads group where we have discussion posts each week. For today, we are going to be listing the top 5 best second books/sequels in a series! Let’s begin.

5. the vanishing throne by elizabeth may

I was genuinely surprised by how drastically different this sequel was. While I have not read the final book, I do think this second one gave more dimension to the story, particularly Kiaran and Aeliana. The history of Falconers and their function in the world was just perfect. I love this book.

4. Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie stiefvater

Listen, this book is amazing. It is a wonderful exploration of Blue’s backstory, and the most epic build up to the end of the story. In fact, I love this book way more than the ending of the series. We start to see the characters mold into a super group of awesomeness. Plus, Maura’s story-line is executed beautifully.

3. Catching Fire by suzanne collins

The exploration of the Hunger Games world, and the complicated role Katniss and Peeta play in it, are driving forces of this story. In further developing this world, Collins explores the role of these games, and their effects on those who survive. Introducing District 13 and the symbolic Mockingjay gave the story even more depth.

2. A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

While I do feel that Rhy did not get as much detail in the first book as he should’ve, I loved this second book because we got to see a more well-rounded view of these Londons. Also important: Alucard and Lila bonding and their discussions of magic were fantastic. I didn’t ever think I’d like a pirate. Then this book happened.


  1.Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix by jk rowling

This book and the one before, the one after it, they were so crucial to me. PTSD, loss, grief, hope, rebellion, all were crafted with such care in the middle books of this series. The epilogue of the final book made me cringe, but I do love this series, particularly the books in the middle, because they involve the uncertainty of war, the rising pressure of an impending burst in this conflict that was so embedded in the wizarding community. These middle books are A+.

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  1. TOTALLY agree with Catching Fire, that book was so freaking epic! And I am really glad that you said that about BLLB and AGOS because I need to read them soon, and knowing that they’re great middle books makes me SO much more eager to read them!

    P.S.- Your blog thinks I am spam when I use “Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight”. Idk if I should be mad or laugh 😉

    1. *Sigh* Oh, Shannon. My blog is a douche-face. How do I tell it to stop being so mean to you? *shakes laptop furiously* I hope you love those books, sweet Shannon. *Squish*
      *goes back to yelling at the blog*

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