Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Characters Who Are Foodies

This week for Top 5 Wednesday, we have a fantastic topic: character fitness routines. Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group where we get weekly topics to discuss on our blogs. Because yesterday’s post was about bad-asses, I wanted to talk about my top 5 characters who are foodies.

5. Alice in Wonderland by lewis carrol

In my head, this answer includes two characters. While I have not read Heartless by Marissa Meyer, I am CERTAIN that home girl likes to eat. And, in Alice in Wonderland, that scene where Alice samples different foods (mushrooms!) always sticks out to me.

4. Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertali

Simon and his Oreo loving ways is definitely up there with me on the foodie-loving spectrum.

3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of azkaban JK Rowling

These kids LOVE food, okay? The food is described so beautifully and it just makes me want to cry (from hunger, not sadness). I am a fan of the food at the feasts and Honeydukes! Also, just to be honest, Butterbeer sounds really appealing as well.

2. the hobbit by jrr tolkien

Bilbo and all the hobbits love their food, too. Second breakfasts, and enjoying each other’s company is what it is all about for these characters. However, don’t be quick to assume that Bilbo and Frodo are the same in this regard. I don’t think they are. Bilbo was used to comfort. Frodo adjusted to camping and being on the run. In my head, it takes Bilbo way longer to get used to this change in, uh, pace.

 1. Lord of shadows by cassandra clare

Listen, Kit Herondale and his frustrations with eating AND being a Shadowhunter just resonated with me so much. I love that kid already. To me, he’ll always be a foodie.

Let me explain:

I think you can be a foodie and still be a hero, get things done, and be fantastic. This assumption that foodies are lazy or unworthy always upsets me, as someone who is in recovery from disordered eating habits. Furthermore, I have a lot of frustration toward the shaming of bigger bodies. When I was thin and unhealthy, no one gave me grief. But, now that I am fat and have healthier eating habits, I am faced with a lot of critique, shaming, and hyper-sexualizing. And, that is not cool, yo.

Your Turn:

What is one thing you imagine about characters you love most? How do they spend their days? What are their routines like?


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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

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  1. I love reading about lush food descriptions, especially the banquet scenes in Harry Potter are always so rich and vivid and make my stomach growl. My favourite thing about Merry and Pippin is also their love for food. “What about second breakfast?” “What about elevensies?” Therefore, I love this post. ♥

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