Top 5 Works of Media to Introduce Baby Woke Steps

Ah, welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday where I break the rules. This is becoming a trademark of mine (or so I assume). Today, rather than talk about books, I want to talk about free works of media that can help someone be more woke.

A state of perceived intellectual superiority one gains by reading The Huffington Post. (says jmjoyce451 on Urban Dictionary). 

Also:  being woke can be thought of as a tool to avoid getting dragged.
Fun Fact: You can still get dragged no matter how woke you are.

Dang it!

I am not panicking. I am not packing. I am totally panicking. All the time.

Seriously, though, I do try to be mindful of how to occupy space in the world without hurting anyone else in the process. It is something that takes time. I am always learning. Here are some of my favorite learning tools that are free on the Internet.

Media for Woke Baby Steps #5. S-Town, the Podcast

I gobbled up this podcast within two days. It shook my world quite a bit, so I am going to try to articulate how it did that. These are the moments when I am aware of how feeble my words can be. Here we go.

The story begins with a phone call from a man living in the southern part of the United States, a conservative town to be specific. He has a claim that someone in his town has committed murder. The receiver of the phone call is a writer.

Shenanigans ensue as the duo try to uncover the truth.  Compassion, the complexity of humanity,  and secrets fuse into a heartbreaking story unfolding within each phone call. I cannot recommend this podcast enough. It’s stunning.

Media for Woke Baby Steps #4. Megan Tonjes

I worry a lot about being judged poorly and it is always refreshing to see someone speak up. Megan is seriously someone who has experienced so much crap and she continues to be sincere and hilarious. It’s kind of an unlikely combination.

Media for Woke Baby Steps #3. Anna Akana’s Channel

After losing her sister to suicide, Anna Akana has been entrenched in the world of mental illness. I feel like her videos resonate with where I am at right now. Her video present woke-ness when it comes to your own behaviors. Being self-aware is very important because it’s part of being courteous towards others. You know? Like, being conscious of how you present yourself and your feelings both help you in not stepping on any toes along the way.

Right now, I am loving her video on self-destructive behavior

Media for Woke Baby Steps #2.  The Red Table Talk (Jada Pinkett Smith, her lovely mama, and special guests)

Most of the episodes of this show feature multi-generational discussions between Jada, her mom, and her daughter Willow. I find their conversations enlightening. Their show is absolutely an exercise in growing one’s sense of compassion when it comes to all kinds of so-called identifiers: race, gender, relationships, expectations, friendships, beauty.

One of the most delightful moments on this show was when Jada talked about why she’s been wearing turbans rather than showing her hair. And, as a hijabi, the way she described this experience touched me.

You can watch the show here. 

Media for Woke Baby Steps #1: Hannah Witton

If there’s one thing I don’t like about the internet, it’s probably how people tend to fetishize sexuality. Hannah’s channel educates audiences about varying aspects of intimacy as well as reproductive health, wellness, and hormonal health as well. This past year, she has been documenting her life with a stoma. She’s amazing and I am learning to release all the weird shameful attitudes I have around human bodies.

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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

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