Top Favorite Male/Male Ships

It’s the middle of the night leading into Wednesday, February 7th, and I am antsy. This week’s Top 5 Wednesday prompt is to share our favorite male/male ships. Now, this is not just cis gendered folks in male/male relationships, but also trans, pan, ace, bi, and so on.

5. Six of crows by leigh Bardugo (Jesper and Wylan)

Listen, Jesper and Wylan are the cutest that ever cute-ed. From my own understanding, I gathered that Jesper does not identify as gay. He loves dudes, but not only dudes. He and Wylan clash quite a bit at first, because Wylan is pure sunshine. And, let’s all be honest, Jesper has issues and he gambles a lot. He’s a mess. Yet, Wylan makes him smile.

So, I end up smiling.

“Maybe I liked your stupid face.”

I love them so much.

*Ugly crying*

4. carry on by Rainbow Rowell (simon/baz)

Everything I hoped for Draco and Harry to go through, I got out of this book. It was just perfection, from beginning to end, and I loved every second of Baz and Simon glaring at each other. That odd moment when the supposed fanfiction of a character ends up more satisfying than that darn epilogue.

Oh yes, I am throwing shade. I’m still not over the whole, “OH, she has red hair, so you know. They have to be together.”

Gag. Life does not have to a be nicely tied with a bow on top.

3. simon vs. the homo sapiens’ agenda by Becky Albertalli (simon/Blue)

The cuteness, the mystery, the sweet reveal of Blue’s identify: they all led to a brilliant book that just brings a smile to my face. Becky Albertalli writes beautiful characters who sound real and honest. And, man, do I hate Martin or what.

(Spoiler: I do hate him so much).

Besides, he is passionate about Harry Potter. What more can you ask for?

(The answer is NOTHING, OKAY?)

‘“What’s a dementor?”
I mean, I can’t even. “Nora, you are no longer my sister.”
“So it’s some Harry Potter thing,” she says.”’

2. the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater (adam parrish and ronan lynch)

Come on. Ronan, with his bad-boy image and sensitive earnestness, coupled with Adam who is such an ambitious boy coming from a rough home; they sound lovely together. They are so very different, and yet they sound so perfect for each other. I can see Gansey being their biggest ally and fangirl.

 1 . the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue by mackenzie lee (Monty/Percy)

This whole book is essentially a journey to owning one’s privilege, and recognizing how that privilege affects one’s perceptions and experiences. Monty learns a lot about the society he lives in, and the way his able-bodied, white, and rich status helps me be in an advantageous position. Compared to Felicity (my dear asexual soul sister) and Percy (who is biracial and deals with epilepsy. Fun fact: I get pseudo seizures, and it made me so happy to see a character in canon who deals with something I can relate to first hand). Their romance is perfection.

Honorable mention: Obviously Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood are kings in my world. But, I didn’t feel like they got enough attention to be considered main characters. Oh, but Cassandra Clare is doing much better with Kit and Ty.

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awk. 30s. hufflepuff, muslim, vegan, novice yogi, mental health, photography, book blogger, she/her

3 thoughts on “Top Favorite Male/Male Ships”

  1. I love that there is an m/m and f/f top five, but I would have loved to see a general ‘queer couple’ prompt as well since not every queer relationship is f/f or m/m.

    I’ve only read three out of your five top picks :O I still actually can’t believe I haven’t read Soc or Carry On. Especially since I PREORDERED Carry On when I found out it was going to be A Thing.

    Ronan and Adam actually own my heart? Like I cannot with how Ronan has a soft side for Adam, and pretty much only Adam (with a tiny bit of softness for all the Raven boys + Blue + Chainsaw but still). I am so incredibly excited for the Ronan trilogy! I can only hope and pray that there is no break up. Though I remember Maggie tweeting something about there being no relationship drama because that’s not what the story was going to be about. So hopefully Pynch will live happily ever after.

    Looking forward to seeing your picks for next week 😀

    1. I agree about the oversimplified approach to gender identity in this prompt. I wish there was language to convey the complexity of gender identity and its relation to shipping.

      ANYWAY. Carry On is so much fun. Have you ever shipped Draco and Harry? Because, this is as close as we’ll get. I actually like this book’s ending better than Deathly Hallows’.

      Yay for Ronan and Adam. Yes, I read that tweet by Maggie Steifvater saying that there will be no relationship drama in the Ronan series, which is a blessing because they are my babies and I want them safe and happy.

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