Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Mothers Who Deserve Their Own Books

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is: a) late, and b) a freebie, so I had to ponder the topic a bit.  Today, I’ll be talking about the top ten mothers who deserve a book of their own.

Let’s begin!

10. Lena’s Mother in Beautiful Creatures series

I am curious to learn more about her, and how she went down the path she was on. How did becoming a dark castor feel for her, and how was her relationship with her family like?

9. Mrs. Lynch from The Raven Cycle

Losing a husband and losing touch with family just sound so painful, and I wish there was room for her own narrative to come in and express her feelings.


8. Vin’s mother from Mistborn

Having unwanted children, and feeling frustrated by the responsibility thrust (no pun intended) upon her must have been overwhelming. Did she know that her son, Reen, was a jerk? And, did she know that Vin doesn’t trust anyone? Did she know that her kid is Mistborn?

7. Katniss’ mother from the Hunger Games

When I was diagnosed with my illnesses, I realized that I was less like Katniss and more like her mother. So, due to very selfish reasons, I want her mother to get a shot at explaining her mental illness, her shock after losing her husband, and later after seeing her daughter in so much agony.

6. Kestrel’s mother from The Winner’s Curse

Rutkowski doesn’t really include much about this lady, other than that she liked to play music. But, how did she meet the General? And what drew her to him? What did she think of her daughter? What were her hopes for her child? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

5. Rose Hathaway’s mother from the Vampire Academy

I may be in the minority here, but I love her mom a lot. Very curious about how she met Rose’s dad and how their relationship worked (if it did). What was her life like as a Moroi and a Guardian?

4. Rhy’s mother in A Darker Shade of Magic

Rhy and Kell’s mother is a BADASS and I adore her. From the glimpses in the final book of the trilogy, I just knew she was complicated, clever, and cool. Just cool lady, and I want more of her in a book (or a series!). How did she find Kell?

3. Baz’s mother in Carry On

I am just very curious about her backstory. How did she meet Baz’s father? What did she think of him and of his family? Were they in love? What did they think of their vampire kid?

2. Hagrid’s mother in the Harry Potter series

How did she meet Hagrid’s father? And what did she think of him? What did she think of her kids? What happened to her, anyway?

 1. Clary Fray’s mother in The Mortal Instruments

SO MANY QUESTIONS! How did she meet Valentine? And what did she think of other people in the Circle? Her relationship with Sebastian is fascinating and I want to hear more about it.

      For this week's Top 10 Tuesday, we get a freebie. So, I
For this week's Top 10 Tuesday, I am tweaking the prompt a bit to fit
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