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Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday, a meme run by the bad-ass Broke and Bookish peeps. This week, the topic is for us to list our top ten most unique titles. Here are some of my favorite, most intriguing titles. Let’s go!

10. The Girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making by cathrynne m. valente



There is something so inherently bad-ass about this title. While I have not read the stories yet, I have a good feeling about the way the main character is going to be portrayed. It feels me up with joy, honestly, to think of a girl who creates her own ship and then peruses around a distant land.



9.Good Omens by Terri Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

So, I tried reading this book ages ago, and I never finished it. The title, however, will always be something of a marvelous paradox. I’m just so fascinated by how this rich world building and characters get to be hidden under such a seemingly simple title. If you thought this was going to be an easy read, I think you’re probably wrong. But, I wasn’t much of a reader at the time of trying to get into this world presented in the book. I will give it another shot, for sure.

8. The strange and beautiful sorrow of ava lavender by leslye walton

Steeped rich family history presented in this story can be seen  just from the title. My goodness, this book has such a compelling cover and title; I cannot wait to read this one.

7. mosquitoland by david arnold

Contemporary stories aren’t really “in” right now (for me), but this story involves travel and self discovery. In that sense, David Arnold’s novel sounds mysterious to me. Like, is the place the main character going to a land full of mosquitoes? Or, is it metaphorical? I’m shrugging as I write these questions.

6. shades of milk and honey by mary robinette kowal

Listen. I don’t know what this phrase “Milk and honey” refers to usually, but I love it. In fact, there’s a stray cat that I have named after that phrase. His name is Milk and Honey. The name sounds soothing.

5. more happy than not by adam silvera

Dude, Adam Silvera is pretty much going to be on my top ten everything for the rest of my life. Since this is the only book I have read by him (so far), I can talk about it in more detail. The title’s meaning is revealed in the end of the book, and oh my word, it was mind-blowing to see the title click into place like that.

Besides, we all know that They Both Die at The End has an epic title, too.

4. The Sun is also a star by nicola yoon

The whole cover of this book is just so charming. I read this one ages ago, and I enjoyed it a lot. That title means a couple of things for me: mainly, it communicates that we are multitudes and complicated resonates through the story for sure.

3. A great and terrible beauty by libba bray

It has a rather dramatic flair, doesn’t it? I mean, the story was kind of long, but it did echo that epic feel through it.

2. the fault in our stars by john green

A Shakespearean reference that is somewhat obscure? Totally down with it. I am in love with all his books, which is why, I have to admit that for number 1, all I could think of is his newest book (which I don’t have yet)

 1. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

This is going to be awesome, I just know it. As someone with OCD, I feel like this book is going to be such a hit for me. John Green books are always dear to me. But, I guess I’m supposed to talk about this title, which I don’t even know if it’s a phrase commonly used or if it is a reference to something else? I’m not sure. I love it, though. (I get to pick this up in the upcoming months. Wish me luck).


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