Week 1 of August 2017 TBR


Hello, August, 2017!
I’m having more anxiety than usual for this month. But, I’d like to try to keep busy. So, here’s my week 1 of August, 2017 TBR. I have had to change this TBR overnight, because well. The Demon King book blew my mind last night, to be quite honest. I am no longer the same person, you see. It was that good. 

The TBR for this week is ambitious as always. But, I am sincerely hoping to at least start these books this week.

High priority:

The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima
I keep pushing this book away for some reason. It takes a while to get into it, I think, but I’m putting in as a high priority read.

I’ve finished The Demon King. I’d like to pick up The Exiled Queen and Poison Study at some point this week as well. #slytherintothebone

fitting in Two important readathons:

Because I didn’t foresee the clash of the readathons, I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be able to do Tome Topple if I was already trying to do Make Me Read It Readathon. So, as a middle ground, I’m going to get started on these reads this week, and then focus on the tomes next week.

The winning books from the poll are: Graceling and the Bone Season. 


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
Photo Credit: Phoebe Dill on Unsplash        This week
I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still

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