Week 3 of August, 2017: To Be Read Plans for the Week

Hello! My past week was awful in terms of reading, so I am hoping to pick up the pace again. Get my act together once more by creating a nice to be read plan for this week.

Failure to launch

Last week, I had spiraled into a great bout of poor mental health. Basically, reading took a step back because I had no interest in doing anything. Sometimes, this happens to me, especially when I get triggered.

At any rate, my hope is to pick myself back up again.

The reading quest:

I was truly enjoying my First Book in a Series challenge. To fulfill it, I was reading Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. I made it to half of the book and now I need to carry on with it.

The Girl at midnight?

Ah, that book is kind of a slow one. I need to put it down for now–I like it enough to keep it. My plan is to simply not have this one be a priority and read it every once in a while. I hope it picks up the pace at some point soon, because…man it’s tough to read.


Hopefully, I can get started on the second challenge which is a Book With a Verb in the Title. For this element of my quest, I am going to be reading Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May.

Excuse me. I have to do a happy dance here, because I am so excited to read this one.

Side Questing it

I want to pick up The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue this week. Earlier last week, I read snippets from the beginning of this book, and found it easy to get through. A little joy is kind of what I need to be reading right now.


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2 thoughts on “Week 3 of August, 2017: To Be Read Plans for the Week”

  1. YES to The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue! I’m listening to the audio book right now and it is such a treat. I love how it’s hilarious and adorable, yet manages to truly talk about important topics too? Not just have them be present, but address them. (I hope that makes sense…)

    Happy reading, Dina!

  2. Poison Study is also on my list of things to read eventually, though I wasn’t smart enough to put it on my list for The Reading Quest challenge. :p I hope you start feeling better!

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