Week 4 of October, 2017: TBR and TBW Goals

Hi! This is the final week of October of 2017. I want to keep busy. Here are my TBR and TBW goals. Let’s get going.

stand-alone novels

It’s time for me to pick up The Weight of Feathers by Anna Marie McLemore. This is the perfect world for me to be immersed in right now. Also, to be quite honest, I need to read this one to allow myself a copy of her next one. Besides, McLemore is an incredible writer. This book will probably be a breeze to get through.

series beginnings

If I manage to get to this novel, I will be super proud of myself. A Shadow Bright and Burning sounds really neat. It has to do with witches and Chosen One narratives being challenged, which is kind of perfect? Oh, the wonder it’ll be to read this book within the week!

For whatever reason, I am under the impression that there is an actual fire in the story. Witches and fire. Sign me up.

Series Sequels

Dude, this series is giving me life (it’s a duology, okay. Shush now). I need to read Our Dark Duet. This is a priority, because I was so invested in the first book. This should be another fast read (I think), even though it is 500 pages long.

Mostly, I am afraid that Schwab is going to kill one of the main characters, which will break my heart. I have a favorite already, but I don’t know if this person will make it.

To Be watched pile

Like last week, I failed to watch any shows. In my defense, I did have a surgery this week, so I spent my time crying in pain a lot. Still, I am hopeful for my watching habits to get better this time around.

My goal is to start watching The 100 (season 3) and wrap up Jane the Virgin (season 3). 

Wish me luck!

    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
Photo Credit: Phoebe Dill on Unsplash        This week
I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still

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