The 5th Wave Book and Exploring the Fear of Human Extermination

Reading Time: 4 minutes Summary of Post: This post is a discussion of Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave and its reflection on humanity’s anxiety around the future and the unknown. In particular, I want to talk about Yancey’s focus on the effects of the alien invasion on the characters within the story, especially: Cassie Sulivan, Ben Parrish, and …

Gushing over Brandon Sanderson’s The Well of Ascension

Reading Time: 3 minutes While I did enjoy The Final Empire novel, Brandon Sanderson completely blew me away with the sequel, The Well of Ascension. Here, I will gush, ooh, and ah over this powerful story about morality, duty, and love. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

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