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Hi there! I am Dina and I like books. You probably also like books. Fiction, non-fiction, you name it: I like stories that help readers be compassionate, aware, and thoughtful. My blog reflects my enjoyment of powerful stories and ideas. Here, I battle the assumptions and preconceived notions presented in tales that I consume. In addition, I encourage my readers to confront their own prejudices or those of the texts they read. Furthermore, I am here to champion my readers in becoming gentle. Be respectful and sensitive towards others.

Stumbling as a Newly-Hatched Dino

If there’s one thing I want you to know is that we all have the capacity to grow. But, in order to get into that path, we also must recognize the imperfection of our journey to be better thinkers, writers, readers, and people. Look, I dedicated my college years to reading and analyzing books. Here’s the truth, though: I rarely raised my hand in classes. Seminars were nightmares for me. Almost a decade later, I am lifting my eyes from stories and engaging with others. Part of this growth involves humility and self-forgiveness–because mistakes will happen. Join me in gently learning to do better as allies and advocates.

The blog’s name comes from a common nickname to those who share my name. It acts as a reminder of what makes me unique yet commonplace. In other words: it’s a celebration of the things we, as people, share and the things that make each person unique. Dinosaurs come up here from time to time. No dinosaurs are ever harmed on my blog.

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