About Me

The beauty of stories is in their consistency.  They have existed in different formats throughout time, in different formats to help humans make sense of their experiences. This is why I love stories. Each book brought me closer to understanding the world. Each book showed me life’s complexity.

That’s why I created my blog:  to remind you of the balance between books as entertainment and educational tools. My passion is to celebrate writing and reading as self-care habits. Books are a way to be seen. It is more complicated once you realize that you are not seeing the world’s complexity without reading diversely. This is one of my biggest passions. Naturally, my blog is a space to read about different experiences, be educated, be compassionate, and be curious.

I have a background in classical literature, one that I aim to keep alive through reading older novels by celebrated authors. However, I also plan to incorporate research and modern analysis to better understand these classical stories. To do that, my blog has to be a safe space for my readers and me to ask the so-called “obvious” questions.