Top 10 Absolute Best Character Names in YA Books I Have Read (So Far)

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In a surprising turn of events, I found myself with enough time to start another post today. Hopefully, this will mean I’ll be able to post at least twice this week. Small victories (I am celebrating them). For this post, I am participating in Top 10 Tuesday’s prompt for this week, which is the top 10 best character names I have encountered so far.

Let’s go.

10. All the Peeps in Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

I honestly find Chaol’s name to be a perfect representation of his reserved and withdrawn nature. He is straight up like kale. I like him. Celaena’s name is also rather fetching. Dorian. Manon. I just love all their names. They just suit them perfectly. And, for some reason, I never felt like they were made up names. They feel real.

9. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephenie Perkins

All I remember about this book is that: a) Lola is very quirky, b) she has gay dads, and c) her love interest is a boy named Cricket. His name, unlike Maas’ characters, did draw my attention. However, it soon acted as part of his charm. I remember him because of his strange name and because he was such a sweet character. Actually, the more I think about it, both of their names are delightful. Lola and Cricket.

8. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I know. You probably saw this coming. Karou’s name is like candy to me. It sounds so out-of-this-world cute, unique, and almost fairy-like. I love her name.

7. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Cathrynne M. Valente

Briefly, I had glanced at the first few pages of this book. One thing became abundantly clear: the main character is a curious and sassy kind of gal. I still have to read it to learn more, but, get this, the main character’s name is SEPTEMBER! It’s such a unique yet tangible name.

6. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

You are probably expecting this book to be on the list, I know. It’s not just Blue’s name that is precious. In fact, I adore all her family’s names. Persephone. Calla, Maura, Neeve. Besides, all the nicknames the Raven Boys give her are hilarious.


5. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

I read this book once and I am in need of a reread (and to continue with the trilogy), but I remember one of the characters giving Sophie a hard time about her name?

Here’s the quote, “Let’s see . . . brown hair, freckles, whole girl-next-door vibe going on . . . Allie? Lacie? Definitely something cutesy ending in ie.”

Oh, here is a bonus. “So if you can heal with your touch, why are you working here as like, Hagrid, or whatever?”

*Wipes tears* Oh, Sophie. I don’t know if I love you more because Archer made fun of your name, or because you are hilarious.

I want to finish this book and get the rest of the series because it is so good.

4. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Baz has the most perfect name that ever existed in all of fiction. This could be a very biased statement, but let me tell you something: I read Carry On years ago and I STILL love Baz more than so many other characters. I guess Simon is cool, too. I am fond of the girls’ names as well. Agatha sounds like an old lady name, and it is just perfect for this story set in a reserved magical world. Penelope’s name is also pure love.

3. This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

All I want to protect in this world is my monster, August. He is pure and his name is so ordinary but it just suits him so well. My violin-player.

For the top two spots, I have yet to find books with awesome names, so I am reserving them for now.

What are your favorite character names? How do you find a name cute? Are you into quirky names? Traditional ones? Please share in the comments!


      For this week's Top 10 Tuesday, we get a freebie. So, I
For this week's Top 10 Tuesday, I am tweaking the prompt a bit to fit
  Welcome to another Top 10 Tuesday. This is a meme run by The Artsy

May 2018 Week 4 Reading Plans With A Twist



Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace for the past week. Nevertheless, I am continuing the fight with new reading plans for this upcoming week by following a twist. The Duodecathon is running this week, and I am attempting to include some of its challenges to guide my reading.

A Book Recommended by Someone

The Diviners by Libba Bray is one of the books recommended in the Goodreads group, which you can access here. It has been on my shelves for a while and I am looking forward to seeing Bray’s portrayal of metaphysical forces at work in 1920’s America.

A Book With Multiple Points of View

A Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman, I think, has multiple points of view. I recall hearing that it is a historical fiction novel with a touch of fantasy in there. It clearly has to do with kings and royalty, so I thought it fitting to include it in this week’s reading plans.

A Book About a Villain

Vicious by V.E. Schwab has been waiting for me ceaselessly. Aside from the Archived duology, this series marks my completion of all Schwab’s published work. I am thrilled to read some Slytherin-inspired characters. Plus, the book has a beautiful cover now (and in the reprinting. Totally love them both).

A book with Antonyms in the Title

I did not know what to use for this challenge, but lo and behold, on a list of suggestions, I found Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. I am trying to make my way through all my unread books. This will be a nice, satisfactory check on my list. However, I am also considering A Shadow Bright and Burning. 

A Second Book in a Series

Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor, of course, has to be on this list. I just need to find the mental space to read. But, the first book was a hit for me, and it just blew me away, honestly. Naturally, I look forward to reading this story’s continuation.

I doubt I’ll be able to finish all these books in a week but I’d like to at least start. Bonus points if I can tackle Twilight along the way.

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I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still
As we speed through the end of April, I am beginning my preparations to read

Angst and May Week 3 Wrap Up




May Week 3’s wrap up is coming with a heavy dose of angst. I am annoyed with myself for not having a steady work schedule. Lovely people have commented sweet things on Twitter. But, I think I may have to revise my attitude toward blogging and writing in general. Let’s move on from this depressing topic. Here is May Week 3’s summary.

Books Read:

First, I want to share the book that broke me this week. Freaking Nightshade by Andrea Cremer upset me so much. I had only made it to the 20% mark before realizing it was fueling this rage. Then, I had put it down.

But then, I was torn. Twilight has some unhealthy depictions of relationships, and I like that series. Why can’t I like this one? The truth is that werewolf lore in the story is very reliant on aggression. I kept thinking of Leah from Twilight and how she challenged this violence so clearly, even if it was a minor part of the narrative.

So, I picked it up again. I made it to the 60 something percent mark before I just decided it was not for me.

I could vent a lot about the way Calla’s virginity and Ren’s hyper-sexuality kept getting enforced, with no challenge. Oh, and the whole “growling” thing. I get it. They’re werewolves. But, they’re human, too. I just don’t see the supposed romance behind aggression like that.


Then, I start Michael Grant’s Hunger. Right now, I am at the 54% mark. I should be able to finish it up within the weekend. It’s such a fast read.

In addition, I am at the 30% mark of Lili St. Crow’s Strange Angels, which is another intriguing read.


I got my copy of Kings of Summer a few weeks ago and I finally watched it this week. It was hilarious. I think there’s a lot to be said about how masculinity is shown in the film. Maybe I’ll need to rewatch it a couple of times to come to a better understanding of the film’s message regarding maturity and masculinity.


I have officially made into season 2 of The Office. Even though my progress is somewhat slow, the show does make me laugh. Again, still fascinated by Dwight and Jim’s arguments. Mostly, I am impressed by Jim and Pam budding romance while they cause trouble around the office. So cute.

Your Turn:

How was your week? Are you enjoying the month of May? What are some highlights you await over the next couple of weeks?

See you in the comments.


  May 2018 is proving to be tumultuous in terms of reviews. Week 2 of
    This week, my immune system hollered a "peace out!" claim and this rude
  Ah, April is flying by, and so it is time for another weekly wrap-up.

Cartwheeling into May 2018’s Week 3 with Epic Reading Plans

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This week is officially marking a halfway point of May 2018. While I have been slowly making my way through my huge TBR piles, I am hoping to keep trying to pick up the pace. In other words, I am catapulting my reading with some ambitious plans. Without further stalling, here are my ambitious reading plans for the week.

Reading Plans via Challenges from the #KillYourTBR Quest

A Book With a One-Word Title: Hunger by Michael Grant is on my list of books I desperately want to tackle before the end of the month. I have read these books ages ago and I am aiming to reread them as I repurchase used copies of the series. My reading plan for the rest of the year is to revisit this series. It is a grim story but I do enjoy the characters and their story arcs.



A Collection of Short Stories from a Genre You’re Unfamiliar With: Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman is not a collection of short stories. However, it is a fairly short novel and, more importantly, it is from a genre I am totally unfamiliar with. I have read only a steampunk interpretation of Westerns as a genre. This one, from what I gathered, is more of a faithful adaptation to the staples of this said genre.

A Book With an Animal on the Cover: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer is a book I am interested in reading this week. I want to contrast this take on werewolves compared to Twilight and Shiver. 

A Book With a Five-Word Title: Days of Blood and Starlight is a given here. Obviously, my heart has been aching for more Karou, Akiva, Zuzana, and Mik. That’s all I have to say on this matter.

A Book With a Character With a Disability: I am unsure if this is accurate but I recall Talon from Under the Never Sky having a disability that I foolishly cannot remember. I am now on the second book in the trilogy. It should be a fun ride.

Oh. And finally. The First Book in a Series: I am thinking of getting to Alexandra Bracken’s The Darkest Minds. Amandla Sternberg plays the main character in the film and I am a fan of their work (they use they/them pronouns). It’ll be nice to read something a little different than the rest of my pile.

Obviously. This is an ambitious pile. I want to read more but I recognize that I read slowly. 

    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still
As we speed through the end of April, I am beginning my preparations to read

Book Review: Laini Taylor’s Breathtaking “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”





**Before I continue, I have to credit the following brilliant photographers:
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Leaning Together Photo by Joao Silas on UnSplash Dark Curls Photo by Carlos Arthur on Unsplash

I hesitated to read Laini Taylor’s novels for a long time as I sniffed out the rumor of a slow-paced discography. Something compelled to keep her work around. Thus, when the courage pooled around my head, I grabbed Daughter of Smoke and Bone, expecting nothing. Let me tell you about my favorite book of the year thus far.


Karou is an odd girl. Naturally blue hair, hamsas in her palms, and a father figure who trades with teeth. She has no parents, no family, and she draws surreal creatures that she claims to know on a one-on-one basis.

When her portal to a world of magic is sealed, and a mysterious figure follows her, she comes to face her identity, roots, and her connection to the mysterious Akiva.

Book Review-Character Love

Laini Taylor writes Prague such fond tenderness. I could almost taste the pastries Karou and Zuzana eat. The lively streets, the colorful costumes, the tourists wandering, the hushed tones of Karou’s mysterious life urging me to keep on reading. It was delightfully surprising to finish the book in two days.

First, let’s talk about Karou, who, even with all the secrets she keeps, she maintains a softness and purity that led to my completely unwavering loyalty toward her. She gets hurt and uses wishes for revenge. Her manner of responding to cruelty is never exceedingly vicious. I mean, her ex-boyfriend got an itch while posing for a nude portrait. But, as the story unfolds, it becomes abundantly clear that this jerk hurt her in a way much more likely to leave a scar.

Akiva is still a mystery. I know the word is overused in this review but it’s from lack of information on him, truly. I like his quiet strength, the way his past haunts him, his isolation.

It’s amazing to contrast Akiva/Karou with Zuzana/ Mic. Zuzana, the fierce and tiny friend of Karou’s, left my heart aflutter. Seriously. She and Mic were so cute and I hope to see more of them in later books because they have a nectar-sweet presence that I find myself missing often.


This book was a delightful experience and I cannot wait to read more Laini Taylor books. She writes with such elegance and depth. Her characters are tangible yet somehow otherworldly. I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone. 


  After reading the Raven Cycle, Maggie Stiefvater became one of the most interesting authors on my
Yesterday, I finished reading the sequel to An Ember in the Ashes, which is called A Torch Against
I read Sabaa Tahir's An Ember in the Ashes over the course of two days last week.

Disappointments, Surprises, and Relevant Films: A May 2018 Week 2 Wrap Up


May 2018 is proving to be tumultuous in terms of reviews. Week 2 of May had intense highs and lows when it comes to reading, in particular. Here are some reflections on stories I have experienced this week.

Books: The Good, the Lovely, the Ugly

I started out my week with Dark Days Club taking some time to wrap up. Upon completing that book, I jumped straight into Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins.

Miss Mayhem was a fun ride albeit sometimes heartbreaking. It had a powerful conflict between David and Harper, Bee and Ryan too. A lot of people say it was not a memorable read; however, I would say that it was a central development of David’s character as an Oracle and Harper’s test of her Paladin status. The refreshing tone of the story coupled with the reality of the setting pushed the story to be amusing and intensely stressful.
I have not settled on a fair rating of this story yet.

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole was the next book I attempted to read. It was definitely not what I expected. The characters were crude and unlikable. The book made me uncomfortable. DNF-ed it.

Spunk & Bite is a writing manual mixed with a writing advice collection. I read Strunk & White in grad school because my style was blander than tofu. Needless to say, my writing needs fine-tuning (a lot) more.

Finally, I wrapped up my reading week by tackling the steampunk novel The Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin. It was an alright read. While its tone was quite grim, I do enjoy the pacing. A 3-star rating for this one.


Jane the Virgin, season 4 is up on Netflix, and you know what that means. I started watching it. What a ride has it been! So good. Anzeika and Petra are currently giving me all the feels right now. Jane, my brave and strong soul sister, is such an incredible lead character. This show is fantastic.

I also watch Lady Bird on DVD. It was not what I expected and I want to write more on it, but I am in need of processing it a little longer.

Finally, I did watch Almost Friends, which was a mellow film with an occasional spike in intensity. It did have my favorite kind of humor in there, so I can’t really fault it for not following the typical indie-film sequence of events.


“Happy With Me” by HOLYCHILD has been my go-to cheery song. I leave you with this bite-sized sunshine and joy in song form.

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      May Week 3's wrap up is coming with a heavy dose of
    This week, my immune system hollered a "peace out!" claim and this rude
  Ah, April is flying by, and so it is time for another weekly wrap-up.

May 2018 Book and Film Haul





For May 2018, I decided to branch out more than usual. I gathered some used movies and books that I have been wanting to get a hold of for quite some time now. There are some exciting stories coming into my little world. Are you ready? Let’s go.


Lady Bird has garnered some wonderful feedback from audiences over the past year. I like Saoirse Ronan’s portrayal of a daughter who is in conflict with her mother. It does sound like a story I would connect with as someone who does clash with her own mother as well. Besides, it seems like a sweet coming of age story that could be a feel-good tale to battle the blues that I experience.

Almost Friends is one of the very few Freddie Highmore recent films I could find. His film with Emma Roberts titled The Art of Getting By is charming and hilarious, so I obviously wanted to watch more films with him in the lead role. In Almost Friends, Freddie Highmore plays a chef who happens to be a prodigy but then ends up not becoming successful and has to live with his mom. The story takes off from there. Highmore has this timeless self-deprecating humor that I adore. I look forward to seeing him in this coming of age story as well.

The Kings of Summer reminds me of this other film I have called Son of Rambow in the sense that it focuses on the friendship between boys as they navigate the path to finding their identity and independence while balancing their connections with other people simultaneously. This story features Nick Robinson who plays Simon Spier in Love, Simon.

I am including links to the films’ trailers so you can get a feel for what I am going for.

Book Haul

Glimmerglass by Jenna Black has one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen. It is a book I have always wanted to read. Even though The Cruel Prince was not my perfect approach to faeries, I still find myself intrigued by faeries’ lore and mythology. Perhaps Jenna Black will nail the balance between the cute and mysterious. I know faeries are not typically nice, but can we not have broad generalizations sweep over a whole set of creatures?



Poison Princess by Kresley Cole was a book I once owned (I had the first two books in the series) and then I got ashamed of being interested in something based on tarot, which is silly of me. I want to give these books a chance. Plus, I like the idea of archetypes in a dystopic setting. Fun!



The Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin was a book I saw Gail Carriger highly praise it. While I am not quite sure how I stumbled upon the title, seeing one of the coolest authors ever like it compelled me to get my own copy. I am excited to read it.

Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins. Since I adored Rebel Belle, I am ready to explore the next installment in this series. Furthermore, I am planning to check out more of Rachel Hawkins’ other work as well. Right now, I have Hex Hall on my shelves awaiting my squeals.

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer is one that I have seen around for years. Needless to say, I am venturing into the world of werewolves now that I have started Stiefvater’s Shiver. I am into paranormal and urban fantasy books and I am embracing said love.

Finally, I got myself Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow, a book I know very little about. It was on this list I found featuring books similar to Hex Hall. I read a bit of that book, liked it, and searched for stories that have the same feel as Rachel Hawkins’ stories.

What about You?

Did you get any fun books, films, or shows for May? If you did not purchase them yet, share your plans in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!


    Welcome to my book haul for the month of April 2018. I do
I thought I'd share my book and film haul for March 2018. As someone on a
    Hello, friends. Today, I am going to recollect my February 2018 book and

May 2018 Week 2 Reading Plans and Coughing Fits

I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It’s Sunday night and I am still stalling. This gosh dang flu feels like a giant creature tackled me. So, amidst the coughing fits, here are my reading plans for week 2 of May 2018.

Beat the Backlist

Remember when I said I’d work my way through my TBR this year? I am in need of reminding myself to incorporate more backlist books into my reading plans.

This week, I am going to give Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman a shot. I am going to ease off these expectations of me finishing everything I start within the week, though because I want this to be fun.

A Series a Month

Okay, so I am going to be reading the second book of Laini Taylor’s first trilogy. Days of Blood and Starlight has a beautiful cover and a compelling love story that I am dying to read.

I know this was not part of the initial readathon resolution, but I want to also continue with Through the Ever Night (Rossi)Miss Mayhem (Hawkins), and Lucinda’s Secret (Black).

New Books

Finally, I also want to read my new books! This week, I am trying out Poison Princess and (as I mentioned earlier) Miss Mayhem. If I finish these books, I will happily read some more.

What are you going to be reading this week?


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
Photo Credit: Phoebe Dill on Unsplash        This week
As we speed through the end of April, I am beginning my preparations to read

May 2018 Week 1 Wrap Up



This week, my immune system hollered a “peace out!” claim and this rude cold (or flu, who knows) barged in. I did not agree with this kind of behavior, body, but I suppose no one asked for my opinion anyway.  Nevertheless, I magically wrapped up reading three books. Two were novels and the third was a cookbook. (Make of that what you will. It’s basically required for me to stare at the ingredients, look at the pictures, drool, and repeat the process with all recipes).

Book 1 Wrap Up: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I have finally stumbled on another favorite for 2018. The silly thing here is that I was afraid of Laini Taylor’s writing because everyone said it was flowery and slow-paced. Instead, I spent my time staring at the vivacious setting, characters bursting with realness, and a plot that is relentless. I love it. Perhaps I will share more details next week in a post dedicated to this book.

Book 2 Wrap Up: Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

`The adventures of Lady Helen, the protagonist, had the pacing of a sloth but then Goodman managed the plot more efficiently. I enjoyed the story, however, I have luckily read books that balance polite Victorian settings with some sort of action better. I do own the sequel, so I intend to keep on reading about Lady Helen.

Netflix Update

I watched Candy Jar this week and I have started working on an article for my Hubpages. I am thinking of doing something fun as a tribute to the film. Hopefully, I can manage to pull it off and post it on here.

 Other Things

I published a new hub over on my Hubpages account. It is about Rogue One and how it caters to a modern audience, one that is starkly different than previous generations. You can check it out here.

      May Week 3's wrap up is coming with a heavy dose of
  May 2018 is proving to be tumultuous in terms of reviews. Week 2 of
  Ah, April is flying by, and so it is time for another weekly wrap-up.

May 2018 Week 1 Reading Plans

As we speed through the end of April, I am beginning my preparations to read more than I did last month. May 2018 is going to be epic in terms of books. Hopefully, I can manage to incorporate more reading into my daily routine. Here are some of my reading plans for the week.

New Segment

Emily from Books with Emily Fox came up with this genius idea of including one big book (at least) per month. Ever the copy-cat, I am going to give this a try. I am torn between The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima and The Well of  Ascension by Brandon Sanderson.

I am going to ask my family to vote on this one. If you see me slacking off, feel free to throw tomatoes at me because I need to get back into a reading groove and I need to read my big books.

Kill Your TBR Challenges

14. A Book With an LGBT+ Romance

And I Darken by Kiersten White has a love triangle that includes an LGBT+ romance. I don’t know the details but this is all I have heard about this story. My connection with this book is amusing because everyone says it’s about a retelling of some fellow called Vlad the Impaler. I have never heard of him. It’ll be neat to see a female who is characterized by the same attitude toward others. It’s not something I encounter often in the books I read.

1. A Book With Alliteration in the Title

For this challenge, I only have the Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman. I miss me some Victorian paranormal fun times. The last one I had read was The Falconer, which has become one of my all-time-favorites. I heard mixed things about Goodman’s previous work (Eon). Perhaps this will be closer to what I like to read right not at least. I do have copies of her duology before this one.

A Book With Five Words in the Title

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor has five words in the title and it is one of the oldest books on my shelves. It has been on my shelves the longest and I want to attempt to start it this week. If I don’t manage to finish it, that would be okay, too. What matters to me is that I read some of it this week.

A Book With Three or Fewer Colors on the Cover

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi kind of has three colors? I see the green, white, and lavender. I am counting it for this one challenge and I am hoping it will be a delightful easy read.




Hope your first week of May 2018 is fantastic. What will you be reading this week? Share titles in comments!


    Ah, May reading plans are still a mess because of my mental headspace
Photo Credit: Phoebe Dill on Unsplash        This week
I have postponed facing a TBR all weekend. It's Sunday night and I am still