BR: Lumberjanes

I have heard the names of the Lumberjanes creators around the Internet for years. But, I am not really familiar with graphic novels, so I hesitated to read it. Guess who read the first volume from the library? That’s right. ME! And, man oh man, do I have things to say.


So, the story is about a group of girls in a camp for badassery. It’s a bunch of very different people. Some are tall, short, blonde, red hair, brunette. Their personalities are different as well.

It took me a while to honestly figure out who the heck is who. I’m still not entirely sure I got all their names down, to be quite honest.

Anyway, so they’re at the camp, and they go on adventures in the forest because there are monsters and such.


The whole time I was read this graphic novel, all I could think of is how much the characters reminded me (in spirit) of the Powerpuff Girls. Like a lot. They were all just great people to read about. One of them used a scrunchie to hit a monster in the face.

That’s brilliant, dear reader.

think I was shipping Mal and Molly. But, there was no time to really fully ship much. It was mostly all about the adventure and the absurdity of their bravery.

Like, maybe I’m too much of a Slytherin to fully comprehend why anyone would put themselves in danger just…to get badges?


I like the art style of this graphic novel. It kind of reminds me of these drawings I used to work on in therapy. My style is way messier and less cute. But, it was lovely to be exposed to such a sweet art style that went with the tone of the story.

Noelle Stevenson apparently didn’t draw this? Or, like, she’s not the main person drawing the stuff. I don’t know why this is a bad thing. Haven’t read Nimona yet, but, the humor is there and the style is cute. I say go for it, if you are interested.

Okay, but really…

Ultimately, I feel like the story is charming. Some of it is amusing. I give it three stars. Liked it, but not too crazy about it. Bonus points for diversity, though. That’s for sure.

Your Turn:

Have you read Lumberjanes? What did you think of it? Do you have any favorite characters or ships? Share them in the comments. I’d love to hear more of your perspectives on this story!

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