Collab.: Disability Diaries Announcement

The Announcement:

I am joining forces with the coolest kids on the Internet: Ely at Tea and Titles, Angel at Angel Reads, Cee Arr at Diary of a Reading Addict, Lara Liz over at Another Teen Reader, and Jolene at The Fictional Reader. We will be working on a project called the Disability Diaries. The Disability Diaries will be about disability, obviously, and it will take different forms of posts.


The blog posts will be varied takes on disability. Some TBR, some personal posts, and book reviews. While I want to give you more details, you’ll have to wait and see who is doing what. But, know this: it’ll be disability centered and it is going to be fantastic.


We’ll be posting mid January (January 14-21).

Sign ups are right here.

Mark your calendars, we’re prepping for awesome things.



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