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T5W: Top 5 Side Ships


It’s another Wednesday around here. So, it’s time for a Top 5 Wednesday (T5W). Here’s a link to the Goodreads group for information and such. Thi week’s topic is our top 5 side ships.

5. Lord of Shadows/Dark Artifices

Diana and Gwyn are adorable and I love their story arc thus far. Gwyn, this huge leader of the Hunt, is in fact a teddy bear. And that’s awesome, because he is so infatuated with Diana; it’s terribly cute and fills me with joy.


4.Paper Towns

Radar and Angela are precious babies. I wish there was more information about them in canon. Angela is sweet and kind while Radar is hilariously anxious about his family’s great secret.


3. The Grisha Trilogy

Tamar Kir Bataar and freaking Nadia are the cutest! I love Tamar and her brother. They are fierce sweethearts. I cannot get over their protective nature toward Alina. Obviously, I wish there was more of these characters, especially since I did not like Mal. We could’ve had cute interactions instead of this dude.


Moving on.


2. Harry Potter

Dean and Seamus were up there in terms of OTPs. I was certain that JK Rowling would announce their status as a couple. But, she didn’t, which is sad. Still, I believe they were meant to be together.


  1. The Hunger Games

Finnick and Annie are a couple I wished had more “screen time.” I will forever be fascinated by what happened to Annie, and its connections to how mental illness/trauma work in real life. I wish they had a happier ending. Alas. It’s a rough world in Panem.




Your Turn:

What are your favorite side couples? Share them in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “T5W: Top 5 Side Ships

  1. GAH I have so much love for Finnick and Annie. I want to scream spoilery stuff, but alas I shall refrain 😉 Also, the more I think about Paper Towns, the more bummed I am that I didn’t get an entire book- nay, trilogy- about Radar, his family, Angela, the Santas, all of it. He was the BEST.

  2. I love Angela and Radar, too! I hope John Green would someday write a book about them. <3 And right you are with Tamar and Nadia. Super cute. I'm not into Mal and Alina. I am more unto the Darkling. Haha!

    1. Yes! Mal was not my favorite at all. I was okay with Alina. The pull towards the Darkling was just fascinating. You know who truly stole the show for me? Nikolai!

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